Most people have no problem viewing the livestream, however we will occasionally get a couple of concerns. Please see the FAQs and answers below.

Q: What if I’m unable to view the livestream?

A: Be sure you have the latest version of flash installed on your computer. You can download the latest version at: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

Q: I see the video, but it seems to be inconsistent. It starts, then stops.

A: Close down any other applications using the Internet, and restart your browser. This will fix most connection issues. A high-speed internet connection is required.

Q: I can see the livestream, but I’m not getting any audio.

A: Check your volume settings on your computer, and turn up the volume. Sometimes mute can be pressed by accident.

Q: Will I be able to chat with other participants during the livestream?

A: Yes! When the chat feature is available we encourage and welcome supportive and collaborative discussion with other participants. Please note: any misuse of the live chat for promoting your business or unprofessional conduct will NOT be tolerated and any violation of this will result in revoking access to the livestream.

Additional questions? Feel free to email us at Dawn@ShesGotClients.com or call us at 301.873.2814

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