WOW! I’m still coming down off the high that was my live workshop this past week!! We were sold out and it was such a joy to welcome entrepreneurs from all over including Canada, Washington state, Florida and Mississippi just to name a few.

We covered SO much juicy content over two days and the feedback has been incredible. Everything from “I got my ROI before the first morning was over” to “This event was OUTSTANDING” to “It’s so refreshing to attend an event that contained REAL actionable content, not fluff.” I’m absolutely thrilled for them.

The attendees learned not only how to hone in on their most lucrative market and message, but how to be a social media “superstar,” how to create and launch their own information products, how to build their email list by the hundreds each and every month, and so much more. Plus, I’m psyched to be welcoming several new private clients into my programs too.

There is no doubt that this workshop was a big step forward in my business, and it feels great! I truly feel “at home” when I am teaching live in this way, and there’s nothing better than seeing light bulbs going off, a-ha moments occurring and the big realizations that YES, they can do this too.

It all starts with getting OUT there in a REALLY big way.

We’re already planning the next workshop…hope to see YOU there too… 😉


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