I’m excited today to share another juicy highlight of my upcoming live workshop in Cherry Hill, NJ on October 24th and 25th!

With cutting-edge information, stellar networking opportunities, on-the-spot coaching and so much more, this workshop is sure to be one of the most energizing and transformational events you’ve ever attended…for you and your business.


As a small business owner, by now you know how important it is to your success to learn how to use social media effectively to reach your ideal clients and up your visibility. I built my own business super-quickly using these tools, so you know I’m excited to be presenting this session!

Here’s why…

Lots of entrepreneurs are using social media to get the word out about their businesses and connect with others. The popularity and growth of these networks show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

But although social media has proven its incredible power as a marketing tool for so many, there are still plenty of small business owners who remain confused, lost, overwhelmed and frustrated with how to do it right–without spending a ton of time, coming off like a used car salesman or making some serious etiquette faux pas!

In this special session, I’ll teach you exactly how to figure out WHERE to specifically focus your efforts, and give you the specific strategies you need to connect with your ideal clients, be seen as a trusted advisor, build your list and boost your revenues–all while spending a lot LESS time.

I hope this gets you excited as Get OUT There–Live! 2011 approaches. I hope you decide to join us (check out all the details here), and if you do–-be sure to think about your workshop goals and plans before you arrive, so you can maximize your benefit from this must-attend event.

See you there…

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