Wow, it’s hard to believe my upcoming live workshop in Cherry Hill, NJ is just a few short weeks away! I am so excited for this event taking place on October 24th and 25th in my hometown.

I know some of you are still on the fence about joining us…you’re wondering if it’s the right time, the right event…if what you’ll be learning there will truly catapult your business forward the way you’ve been dreaming about up to now.

I truly believe with all my heart that YES, it will. 😉 With two jam-packed days of powerful content and brand new information, this workshop will be just what you need to revive your business (and your soul!) this autumn.

But you may be curious about what exactly I’ll be teaching you over these two incredible days. As the workshop draws nearer, I’ve decided it would be fun to share some highlights with you.


I’m so looking forward to teaching my session “Uniquely Targeted: How to Get Laser-Focused on Your Most Lucrative Market and Message.”

I’m sure you’ve heard it before…in order to market any business successfully, you need to be clear on who your target audience is as well as what it is they want. Otherwise, you will have a hard time not only finding them online, but creating and offering them something that they will actually buy.

Getting really clear on not only your market but also your message is especially important when you are doing business online, because of the importance of using keywords in order to be found in searches.  The truth is, you can’t be everything to everyone, and it is actually easier to market and attract prospects when you focus on a particular group of people.

The good news is, if you’re not quite sure about who your ideal client or niche is, I’m going to help you discover it first thing–before we even cover anything else! Once I’ve helped you discover who your “peeps” are, we’ll then effortlessly be able to create your unique marketing message so that you can stand out in a crowded marketplace, gain more credibility, and market yourself and your business with confidence.

I hope this gets you excited as Get OUT There–Live! 2011 approaches. I hope you decide to join us (check out all the details here), and if you do–be sure to think about your workshop goals and plans before you arrive, so you can maximize your benefit from this must-attend event.

Let’s get ready for an amazing time together!

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