I just recently made a decision to fly out to a live event, which occurs this week.  It was pretty much a last minute decision, but an opportunity came up for me to get a great deal on a ticket so I went for it.  I’ll be doing other traveling right before that and leaving my husband (and our 2 crazy cats :-)) for 6 days so there was a bit of going back and forth about it.

However, the more I thought about the potential benefits involved, the more I knew I wanted to do it. It’s a seminar teaching both business-building strategies as well as personal discovery principles, and the timing is ideal for me to experience something like this.

There are three main upsides I see to investing the time, money and energy on a live learning event such as this one:

1) It is the perfect excuse for me to get out from behind my computer and meet people face to face.  My business is mainly an online one, and I love that about it.  But there is something to be said for networking in person that just takes relationships to a whole new level. I’ve “met” lots of great contacts via social media, but many of them will be at this event and it will be really beneficial to solidify those relationships even more.  I expect some exciting joint venture possibilities to take shape!

2) It will be total immersion into learning.  Home study courses, calls and webinars are great, but being able to absorb valuable information live over three days will be pretty powerful.  This particular event is not going to be a “pitch-a-thon” with multiple speakers selling their products.  It will be content-rich and taught by one person for almost the entire event.  I fully intend to learn a ton of strategies that I can take home and begin implementing right away.

3) Inspiration! This doesn’t require much explanation–once you get out among new people and new ideas, it’s like breathing fresh air into your business.  It’s all but guaranteed that you will walk away with renewed excitement and clarity around what it is you do–and what’s possible for your business going forward.

So, although there was some hand wringing before I came to my decision, I’m confident I made the right one.  I’ve attended several live events in the past (albeit mostly local ones) that have really made an impact in my business.

I enjoy learning this way–do you?  If you’ve never been to a live event, I highly recommend you try it–and if it’s been a while since your last one, be sure to get out there and go for it!

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