In case you haven’t heard, my live workshop called “Get Out There–LIVE!” is being held November 11th-13th, 2013 just outside of Philadelphia! (Mount Laurel, NJ)

New attendees are signing up every day, and they are coming in from all over! They’re excited and so am I! 🙂

Why should you attend this unique 3-day event?

1. I’m known for over-delivering. This means you not only get the What and the Why but tons of the HOW (aren’t you tired of people just dangling carrots?)

2. What you’ll learn about social media and online marketing can literally earn you tens of thousands of dollars in the next year alone

3. The stellar entrepreneurs (and aspiring entrepreneurs) my events attract means new friendships and great networking for you

4. You can bring a friend for just $97

5. Besides lots of great marketing strategies, you’ll learn how to handle the fears and doubts that may be keeping you small

6. You’ll probably get to see me bust a move on stage (more than once, just ask last year’s folks)

no940-76850ee1-ef6f-4a32-a02d-b6e5968a4dfd-v27. The hotel is REALLY, really nice

8. We’ve got a VIP Upgrade ticket option that will blow your mind

9. Past attendees tell me I’m approachable and real (no one’s up on a pedestal at my events)

10. It’s not the kind of workshop where you get “pitched” with lots of speakers hawking their latest-and-greatest products

If those reasons resonate for you, head over to (Be sure to check out the “Praise” tab on the site to see and hear raves from past attendees)

The workshop has sold out the last two years we’ve held it and I’m grateful to say that many of the attendees have told me that it’s the best workshop they’ve been to–ever.

Visit the link below to get the full scoop on this very special live event:

I want you to hear this: growing a business that’s aligned with your values and allows you to serve many more people is completely possible for you.

It’s not only possible, it’s inevitable when you know how. That’s what you’ll walk away with in November (I actually confidently guarantee it.)

Ready? Let’s go!

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