with Ryan Lee

Last Wednesday I made the 2.5 hour drive to go to Ryan Lee’s Continuity Summit live event in Stamford CT.  My own coach had gone last year and was returning and encouraged me to go.

It was a bit of a last minute decision—it’s an internet marketing event and I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of it—but I am really glad I decided to go.  The content was good, I enjoyed the speakers, met some cool people, got to hang out with my coach Alicia Forest and took EIGHTY pages of notes!  Yes, really!

The event was held over three days and it was packed with lots of info. I took home a ton of great nuggets to apply in my own business.  The speakers were not announced ahead of time but once I got there and picked up an agenda I was excited to see some pretty big names of successful internet marketers—Yanik Silver and Matt Bacak to name two.

with my coach Alicia Forest

The main focus of the 3 days was continuity or “recurring revenue” programs, hence the name.  I am getting ready to launch my own membership site in a few months so that’s what made me decide it was probably going to be really helpful for me to attend.

I wasn’t too familiar with Ryan beforehand but I found out that not only is he very successful and teaches some really great internet marketing stuff, he’s also a down-to-earth, grounded, NICE guy.  Love that.  He actually started out as a gym teacher in the Bronx!

The first day was an optional day on “information marketing mastery.” Even though I knew some of it was going to be a review, I went and still got some really good stuff out of it. I especially enjoyed one of the speakers that day, Chris Farrell.  He’s from the UK but now lives in L.A. and has a charming accent. 🙂  He only just got started in internet marketing 2 years ago and is now enjoying $30,000 months.  Not bad!  I especially liked how he said “‘How can I make money online’ is not the right first question.  The right first question is ‘How can I help people? How can I serve?'” Amen.

with Chris Haddad

Thursday also included talks on copywriting (a skill crucial to internet marketing success) from Chris Haddad who I was glad to snap a pic with (his blog rocks); and some good stuff about information marketing from Ryan himself.

Thursday night I had dinner with some people I knew from online and it was cool to meet them in person.  Later that night I attended the special “speed networking” event which was fun.

Friday was packed full of content and a few different speakers.  Some of my favorites were Jerry Clark on mindset (also crucial to success) and the very entertaining Travis Miller and Jimmy Vee of Gravitational Marketing on building an online presence and social media strategy.

with Yvette Syversen, Alicia and Kim Reddington

Saturday we really got into the meaty stuff with Yanik Silver speaking on how to have really big paydays online, Ryan on how to create a continuity program from scratch (GOOD stuff) and Matt Bacak on member retention.  There were also quick expert panels sprinkled in which were helpful as well.

As with a lot of bigger internet marketing events, many of the speakers had a pitch at the end of their talks, but I expected that—and the content definitely made up for it. Oh, and some women speakers would have been good, too. 😉

But I’m really glad I attended and I’m excited to start implementing what I’ve learned in my own business.  Going to the Summit reminded me again how important it is to get out from behind the computer once in awhile and network and learn live.

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