IO 2015

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible Inside Out 3 day event I held last week. So many people who attended are continuing to express their gratitude and say how life changing is was! I am honored to have held the space.

I am still on a high and I do believe lives were changed. There was something so unique and beautiful about our sacred group. Here are some of the touching comments they shared afterward on Facebook:


If you struggle with fear and doubt and are wondering if you can really “do” this entrepreneurship thing, please know you are not alone. What you must also know is that there are people right NOW out there who need the gifts that only YOU have. You can step up and shine, knowing you are safe, loved and desperately needed. You need only believe, and keep walking forward in the direction of your dreams. This is just some of what we covered over these incredible 3 days.

And so it is. 🙂

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