Optimized-eventcollageI’ve been holding my own successful live events and workshops for over 6 years, and recently it occurred to me:

Many people have asked me how I do it, but I’ve never actually taught it! (Must be because I’m so busy running the actual events! :))

Up until now, I’ve only shared strategy and how-to around events with my Impact Academy students.

But I know that many in my community, including YOU, “get” that sharing your message, expertise and passion live and in person is an AMAZING way to serve more people and touch more LIVES.

You’re up to some big work in the world, and sharing your gifts in person and up close is truly magical.

I know because it is one of my favorite things to do. (Events can also be extremely profitable if you do them right.)

Yet, you may feel one or more of the following:

“Am I ready, do I know enough?”

“How will I get people to show up?”

“How do I decide what to teach?”

“How do make really good MONEY doing events?”

“But so-and-so already does events on this topic, how do I stand out?”

I get it! I was terrified in the beginning and almost decided I wasn’t “cut out” to do it!

I learned the hard way by jumping out of my comfort zone and just DOING it.

You don’t have to do that! I’m holding a free training on this topic on June 24th at 8pm ET and I want you to be there!

The training is called “5 Simple Steps to Design, Fill, and PROFIT From Your First (or Next) Live Event (Even if You Don’t Have a Big List OR a Big Budget!)” and you can register here: Free training on holding your own live event

Whether you want to hold a 10 person workshop or an event that attracts hundreds… a single evening or an intense 3-day… a free event or a paid one… you will learn so much from this training.

It’s time I “spill it” around this topic, and I’m so pumped to do it.

Here’s the link to sign up again: Free training on holding your own live event

Remember, I’ll be teaching you true “insider info,” as someone who has been creating and filling successful live events for over 6 years!

Whether you want to hold a small event, a big event, a multi-day one or a 2 hour evening workshop, I’ll be sharing practical, easy to implement strategies you can begin using right away!

Here’s that link one more time: Free training on holding your own live event

“See” you there!

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