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Fact: 98% of people never come close to harnessing the full power of LinkedIn.

Want to learn how to move into the top 2%?

From: Christine Gallagher
Your Relationship Marketing Mentor
Audubon, New Jersey USA

Dear Entrepreneur:

You probably know that social media is hotter than ever, and that LinkedIn is THE hottest business networking community on the web. You might even already be using it.

The trouble is, most small business owners aren’t even scratching the surface when it comes to this powerful biz-building tool…

…and BARELY putting its incredible potential to work.

When I first started getting onto LinkedIn a few years back I didn’t “get it” yet either. Sure, I knew it was beneficial to connect to other professionals and entrepreneurs in order to grow my business, but HOW exactly was I supposed to do that? Once we were connected, what then? Was my profile anything more than just an electronic “resume?” And how could I turn the (precious) time I WAS spending there into actual results?

That’s when I decided I was going to learn everything I could about getting the most out of this under-utilized and often misunderstood business network. What I discovered was that the people who were getting the absolute BEST results out of LinkedIn—clients, customers, amazing word-of-mouth, more revenue and increased expert status—were doing so by way of a handful of specific, laser-focused strategies combined with a super-clear plan for accomplishing their goals WITHOUT wasting time.

Now, I’m ready to teach YOU everything you need to know to get a handle on LinkedIn and begin magnetizing new clients and customers to your OWN business…

…in my newest product, the 90-minute LinkedIn Master Class

Just some of what you will learn:

How to figure out your goals and “big why” for using LinkedIn

How to create a clear and compelling profile

How to use specific, focused strategies to become highly visible

How to manage your time and avoid common time wasters

How to find and connect with ideal prospects and centers of influence

How to optimize your profile to rank higher in the search engines

How to integrate LinkedIn with other social networks, add video and import your blog

How to promote your business effectively without feeling like a salesperson

How to find and effectively use LinkedIn Groups

How to best use LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website…and more

Every Person That Purchases Will Get:

1. Instant access to the 90-minute hands-on webinar with Q & A

2. All of the PowerPoint slides used during the webinar

3. Mastery of LinkedIn for Your Business!

Special Bonus: Christine’s LinkedIn “Cheat Sheet” to
pull it all together and get you off to a running start

Still unsure? Here’s what others who have taken my classes have to say:

“So Much Value for Such an Amazing Price”

“I loved the WordPress webinars, as they really brought everything together! In fact, I was so excited that I had my husband and daughter come up to my office afterwards and I was saying, ‘…and now I can do this, and put this feature on, and look how easy this is to do…’ Very exciting and I can’t wait to get started on building this!! My 19 year old daughter Alanna said, ‘Wow Mom! That is so great that she is giving you guys so much value for such an amazing price!’ So there ya go. From a 19 year old University student who knows as much about Internet marketing and building websites as I do about splitting the atom!

I wanted to thank you again now for everything you taught in your course. It was an absolute pleasure, and again, what I appreciated is that you are very articulate and excellent at teaching what you know! (Now, if I could have just said that about some of my University profs!)”

Ann-Michele Timmerman
AMT International

“Your Classes Have Been the BEST I Have Ever Attended”

“Everything about your website, your course sign-up, your emails, the classes themselves, are TOP notch. I have been in so many training classes and they leave a lot to be desired. Just the fact that you have everyone muted is priceless! (Hope that made you chuckle.) I cannot count how many WebEx conferences I have been in with people hogging the mic, talking over the speaker, etc.

I am a visual/hands on learner and watching how you accomplished tasks in the WordPress course was just what I needed. That is why I enjoy your classes so much; it is very easy to follow along with you and see just how everything is done.

Your classes have been the BEST I have ever attended, and that is the truth.”

Lisa Loyd-Hernandez
Lisa Hernandez Online

“I Am NOT a Techy Person, and Your Class
was Outstanding and Very Easy to Understand”

“I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your WordPress class!

I have been in business (successfully) for 16 years without a website or blog, but am now realizing that I need a business presence on the web. I am NOT a techy person, and your class was outstanding and very easy to understand (thank you). I am even more aware that I don’t want to do ANY of it initially myself. I’ve hired someone to do it for me, and thanks to your teleclass we will be using WordPress!

I am hoping to learn from this as a ‘beginner’s approach’ and ultimately branch into being a more ‘independent operation.’ Your teleclass enabled me make a more informed decision about my new venture into the cyber world. I am grateful! Thank you!”

Sheila Delson
FREEDomain Concepts, LLC

“I Would Not Hesitate to
Recommend Christine and Her Programs”


“Before taking Christine’s 6 Steps TAG program, I was brand new to Twitter and had only used Facebook for purely personal purposes. I was just starting my own business and had no website or Facebook Fan Page. I am techo-challenged so all of this was very intimidating to me, but I did not have the funds to hire a professional to set it all up for me.

However, since completing the 6 Steps TAG program, my website is 98% complete and my Facebook Fan page is ready to go. Christine helped me accomplish the two biggest goals I had when I registered for her course.

I realize that there is a lot more I can learn and do with both my website and Fan Page, and I feel confident that I can explore other options for successfully using both of them with what I learned from Christine. Her 6 Steps course manual is so comprehensive that I know I will return to it time and time again in the future.

I would not hesitate to recommend Christine and her programs. She has a wonderful teaching style, and she has a wealth of knowledge that she shares with her students. She answered every question very clearly, and she was always quick to respond to questions in between classes. She uses a variety of formats to teach (webinars, teleclasses, and the written manual) so there is a style that everyone can learn from.

I look forward to taking more classes from Christine in the future. There are a ton of courses out there that are offered, and some of them are nothing but scams. Christine is the real deal, and her programs are affordable for anyone at any level.

Lori Latimer

“I Could Not be More Pleased with My Return on Investment”


“I kept hearing that my small business should have a blog, but I was paralyzed by the whole concept. What technology should I use? What would I write? Why would anyone care? How can I find the time to research, create, and post my content AND run my business? How do I even get started?

That’s when the 6 Steps TAG course came to my rescue. Christine’s course took me step by step from “soup to nuts.” Let me share with you what I’ve learned. You may not know these terms now, but that’s the whole point. I didn’t know them either. But, I do now!

I learned: why blogs are important to small business owners, typical reasons we resist them, which blogging platform to use and why, how to use the blogging platform including download, installation, themes, RSS feeds, measurements, plugins, how often to post, creating posts, generating content, and how to make my blog social media friendly which drives traffic between my blog and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and more.

I have also seen outstanding improvement with my website: my Alexa Ranking has gone from 8,000,000+ to 6,743,344, and my Google search results have gone from a single link on Page 3 to 80% of the links on Page 1 and 1-2 links on Pages 3-10 (that’s where I stopped checking)!

Why is any of this important to me as a small business owner? It helps me build relationships with past/present/future customers, so that when they are ready to purchase my product/service, they know/like/trust me, and they contact me. Because of blogging and social media, I am given the opportunity to win their business.

What small business owner can afford not to learn these tools? What small business owner can afford to learn these tools using trial and error? And, with Christine, I got the heart of a teacher and the head of a social media professional to walk me through it all, step by step. As a result, I could not be more pleased with my return on investment. Thanks, Christine!

Tina Bonifacio
Organized By Tina

My Personal Guarantee!

If for any reason my LinkedIn Master Class product doesn’t meet your expectations, I want to make sure you end up happy. If you let my team know within 30 days of your purchase about your situation, we’ll give you an equivalent CREDIT to use on any product in my online store.

Please note since the LinkedIn Master Class is a completely digital program, no refunds can be granted. But, we are happy to offer you a full credit toward any other program!

That’s my guarantee.

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Yes, Christine! Please Give me INSTANT Access to
Your LinkedIn Master Class,
So I Can Learn How to Enjoy More Credibility, Clients
and Cash in My Business Too!

I understand that in addition to the info-packed 90-minute webinar with Q&A, I will receive…

* All of the PowerPoint slides used during the webinar

* Special Bonus: Christine’s LinkedIn “Cheat Sheet” to pull it all together and get
you off to a running start

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To Your LinkedIn Success,

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