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* Create your first or next online course and begin serving 1 to many

* Create, run, and market a kick-butt webinar to ultimately automate your profits

* Jumpstart your systems, automation, leverage, and delegation to break free of the “job” you’ve created and begin thriving

It’s not about you working harder, but working smarter. It’s about LEVERAGE, baby… and here’s how you do it!

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Online Course Creation Jumpstart

Online courses are an AMAZING way to leverage because you can reach many people at once, and they are a great way to create income – especially if your enjoy teaching. But, it can be really confusing to get started! In this Jumpstart guide, you’ll learn:

* How to structure the content
* How to decide on your course’s format
* The technology you’ll need to run it

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Getting Started With Webinars: The Kickstart!

Webinars can get you a large email list and a big chunk of income – but they can feel intimidating if you’ve never done one, and you also might be overwhelmed about how to pull one off. In this Kickstart guide, you’ll discover:

* How to nail down your webinar topic
* How to choose your webinar platform
* How to create your webinar’s pages, emails, marketing, and content

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Ultimate Leverage Checklist: How to Systematize, Automate, and Delegate to Scale                       Like a Pro

This juicy checklist will take the guesswork out of getting your business to run like a well-oiled machine. Translation? More money, with less effort. Yes!

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“I made a ton of progress learning from Christine on how to leverage. I packaged many of my programs and services to leverage my content. I even booked my first two 12 month clients! In the same week, I booked two 6 month clients and have a $5,000 keynote. I’m kicking butt using what I learned from her and I had my best year ever financially.”

Lisa Montanaro

Business Strategist and Productivity Consultant

“Christine taught me the importance of over-delivering and modeled it. Learning from her gave me dozens of specific leveraged steps to grow my business. With her suggestions, my email list more than tripled and I met my income goals for the year. I still reference the giant amount of information that she gave me!”

Laura Peifer

Holistic Health Practitioner

“Since Christine taught me how to leverage, my list has grown from 250 to over 2800, I have 350 new customers, and my team has quadrupled. I also hosted two teleseminars with over 650 registrants each and a telesummit with nearly 400 registrants. The skills I’ve learned from her have dramatically affected the course of my business.”

Lacey Swartz

Sustainable Living and Ethical Business Specialist

“I’ve become much more focused on innovating, and have been able to see less clients and make more money. This is a direct result of what I learned about to how leverage from Christine. Not only am I seeing more of the people I enjoy working with, I have more time to focus on other aspects of the business I want to grow.”

Erica Meloe

Physical Therapist

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