Word of the Year 2019

Ah, the word of the year.

I’ve been doing this for eons, and as I’ve said before, it always downloads for me right on time.

This year the word is ALIGNED.

The most interesting thing about it is that this could not have been my word at any other point in my business/life.

I wouldn’t have even known it was what I needed.

I wouldn’t have seen that it was not being aligned that was causing grief for me.

OK wait… that’s not totally true.

I wrote a book in 2014 (There’s More to Life Than This) and I talked about misalignment in it quite a bit.

But even then, it meant something different to me.

*I* was someone different then.

This time feels completely new.

There’s a deeper level of understanding, where I am ready to be much more precise.

More specific, more vigilant (yet with ease), more non-negotiable, and more true.

This time it feels like it will rock my whole world.

See, I’ve been cruising along for years at a very comfortable pace.

Very respectable results, very consistent and predictable.

For someone who preaches to her clients the importance of getting out of your comfort zone, it started to feel…

Well, not aligned. 🙂

But again, although I’ve known this very comfortable place wasn’t exactly ever going to be a wellspring of growth for me – I haven’t been willing to dare.

At least, on the level that the kind of impact I want to make requires.

The thing is, I’m not interested in the kind of daring that involves more pushing, striving, and climbing.

For the first time, I have come to a place in my life where I am fully trusting.

As an Achiever with a capital A, this seemed absolutely terrifying in the past.

Now, maybe because I’ve done much healing this past year, or maybe for some other reason I don’t quite understand yet, I’ve released that NEED.

The need to feel nervous, anxious, anguished, uphill about so many things.

Money, numbers, certainty, even where I’m living.

I’ve released that lack of faith.

Most importantly, I’ve thrown off the shackles of what I think I am supposed to be doing.

I’ve opened my eyes to how much I had been creating meaning around things.


Not only in business, but in relationships and so many other areas of my life.

I refuse to come from a place of need or fear or desperation.

Yes, there is still work required, but the energy is one of flow, and not worry.

For me, trusting all will be well and that I’ll be supported no matter what feels like the height of alignment.

And I wouldn’t want to spend the new year any other way.

So… what’s your Word for this year?

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