* Case in point… after I shared this with my community, a reader let me know the word ally is problematic. This is a perfect example of why these conversations need to keep happening.

In this time of change, you may be wondering:

  • How can I be part of the solution?
  • Do I have a responsibility as a business owner?
  • How can I be a better ally?
  • Do I really have biases (conscious or unconscious)?
  • What’s with the “shaming” that’s going on in social media?
  • Is it ok if I don’t know what to say?
  • What if I say the wrong thing?
  • What exactly is meant by this being a “systemic” issue?

And more.

My friend and past client Kyna Baker has graciously offered to help us navigate this time of huge change, both as a person of color and longtime entrepreneur.

I’m so grateful.

As Kyna explains:

“Why am I here? Aside from being a black woman who has experienced some form of racism and discrimination ALL of my life, I have a responsibility (or maybe I’ve made it my responsibility) to be conduit for the change that is necessary for racism and discrimination to end. My ability to empathize with people, willingness to ask and answer difficult questions, help others through challenges has allowed me to build relationships with people with different backgrounds than mine — and those relationships have showed me that WE are more alike than WE are different!”

I adore Kyna, and we are in such good hands to learn more about this topic, and why business owners like you and I are uniquely positioned to help facilitate lasting change.

You will walk away with concrete steps for what to do next and on an ongoing basis, as well as clarity on the role you can play as an ally and business owner.

No pitch, just a coming together.

We so hope you’ll join us. It’s happening this Thursday, June 18th at 1pm ET.

Grab your spot here.

We’re looking forward to the conversation!


With Love,
Kyna and Christine

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