Life has enough sources of stress – family, relationships, national politics, deadly natural disasters…

…our business shouldn’t be just another stressor to add to that list.

I‘m what you might call a worrywart, so for a long time I believed that business was supposed to be HARD – all the time.

Well, I have been DONE with that thinking for a while now.

Listen, things shouldn’t always feel so serious. Business doesn’t have to feel so heavy.

See, we forget that as entrepreneurs, we get to decide what our business looks and feels like. (My top value is freedom, and that’s why I got into business in the first place!)

We should feel FREE to create the kind of business that sings to our soul. We should feel free to let go of things that don’t excite us or bring us joy.
We should feel FREE to create the kind of business that sings to our soul. Click To Tweet

If you’re wondering how to go about this, here are 3 ideas from my own experience:

1. Purge Your Offers

At least twice a year, take stock of what your current offers are. Are you happy with them? Do you enjoy delivering them? I do this often, and it’s always eye opening.

I’ve realized things like: “Oh, I was only offering that program because it’s the type of program other people offer.” Or: “I absolutely never enjoyed delivering on this. No wonder I always dread it!” Or: “Choosing to offer a course on this topic attracts non-ideal people. A-ha!”

YOU get to decide what to offer. You should adore what you offer, and offer it for the right reasons: it makes your heart sing AND it provides people with amazing value. Anything else gets tossed.

2. Assess Your Clients

If you don’t consistently love the clients you work with, something is wrong. Does a non-ideal client slip in from time to time for all of us? Of course. But it’s a big red flag if it keeps happening over and over.

Non-ideal clients drain your energy and suck the magic right out of your business.

What can you do about this? Take an inventory of all of your clients from the past 12-18 months. Make a list of what you loved about the ideal ones, and another list with what you didn’t love about the non-ideal ones. You’ll likely find a few patterns there.

Take this important information and tweak your marketing where needed so that you’re attracting more of the right clients – more of the time.

3. Do Something Totally Different

This could be anything, so have some fun with it.

A friend and fellow coach envisioned doing client retreats in Tulum. So she started doing just that.

Another friend and colleague wanted to do a Giveaway event in order to build her list, but wasn’t feeling excited about the typical industry model.

We brainstormed a way to make it more meaningful for her: make a part of the Giveaway a giveback to a charity near and dear to her heart.

A simple example of something I did recently? I added a new “daily theme” in my free Facebook group called “Make Me a Winner Monday.” Each Monday I give away a different training of mine for free that people usually pay for.

Not only are my members always SO excited about this contest, it makes me really happy to pay it forward and reward someone.

Most of all – it’s just FUN! (The whole point. :))

Below, I’d love to hear specifically how YOU have made things more fun in your business. Drop me a comment and let me know.

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