This year my word came to me softly, rather than crashing in.

It was like… oh, of course… here it is. 🙂


I almost decided not to do the whole word thing this time around, as it almost feels like I’ve outgrown it in a way… because I’ve “outgrown” so much else.

So… I don’t particularly have anything deep to say, other than:

This is my pivot year where I am finally embracing uncertainty fully – and not in the sense of “I don’t know where I’m going…”

Because I know exactly where I’m going.  

But in the sense of – I was very hesitant to let things go before because they were a comfortable safety net… that were also keeping me treading water in place.

As I growled about being tired of my “plateau.” 🙂

No more. I’m diving headfirst into new ways of both being and doing, and the beautiful and exciting thing is that it feels more right than any other time in years.

I’ve also done so much healing and experienced so much growth this past year, which is also shaping me. (A work in progress, of course.)

It’s all led me to this new year, where so much seems uncertain in ways (pandemic and all)… and yet so perfectly on time.

So clear.

I see huge things for me, my business, and the clients I help. 

I feel really, really good about it. 🙂

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