Plainsboro ($25)
Tuesday, March 24th | 3:00pm – 8:00pm



IT’S TRUE… I’m heading out on tour, and in these high-value live sessions I will teach you a powerful process for shifting the beliefs you have about yourself (that may not be serving you and may actually be repelling money away from you), how to consistently choose courage over fear, how to to dramatically increase your willingness to be “visible” and step out of your comfort zone, and how to finally allow you to get out of your own way—so that you are empowered to reach many more of the people who need you. You will walk away with the tools to create unprecedented levels of success from the inside out.

During this half day, you also have the chance to win a live laser coaching business makeover with me, for free. If you’re chosen for a hot seat with me, I will coach you on your biggest mindset challenges, and this personalized attention will get you off and running and attracting much more success and abundance into your life.


Will I get to meet you there? Secure your seat with a very affordable $25 registration fee below (this covers the networking and presentation).
One thing to know: seats for this event are very limited and are first-come, first-served. (So don’t wait.)

Oh, and I’d love for you to spread the word and invite your friends and colleagues too. Just be sure to reserve your spot first.

I’m so excited to see you.

Remember, catalysts for great change in your life come in the form of opportunities. Make the decision to join me and get ready for the shifts to come!

(Oh! And come prepared to take lots of notes! I can’t wait to see you in person and give you a big hug!)

With Love,


Plainsboro ($25)
Tuesday, March 24th | 3:00pm – 8:00pm


Lacey Swartz

“I was making very slow progress in my business because of a variety self-limiting mindsets. Since the event, I’m gaining greater confidence in my business knowledge and skills, and I have made some strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with other movers and shakers. My list has grown over 800% in just a few months, I have 50 new customers, my team has doubled, and I recently hosted a teleseminar with over 650 registrants. Christine is a master at seeing where you are and where you need to go. And she is genuinely interested in your success, not just her own. Thanks for a wonderful 3 days.”


Cathy Jennings

“I loved Christine’s event. It was probably the best one I’ve attended in years! Everything was amazing–the setting, the atmosphere, the people, the content, the connecting–everything. I hosted my first live event in March, and decided to take the plunge after Christine’s event. Perfectionism and fear have REALLY held me back for years, but her event really taught me to think differently–thank you SO much! Now I’m committed to overcoming these obstacles. I’ve been on Christine’s list for years and have learned so much from her. When I got her postcard I didn’t even hesitate to sign up and I’m so glad I did! The event was WONDERFUL and I’m looking forward to attending again this year!”

Michele Welch

“My experience at Christine’s event a transformational moment. I got clear on what it’s going to take for me to take my business to the next level. Since the event, I’ve taken on more clients within a couple of months of starting than I had in the previous six months on my own, my email list has nearly doubled and I am working smarter, delegating more to my Virtual Assistant. It feels great to be in fierce action. We all have a path to follow and along that path will be people that will hold the flashlight for you and show you the way when things seem dark and unclear. For me that was Christine. She showed up when I needed her most and she has not disappointed me.”


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