Infuse Income Into Your Business Quickly With No Sales Page, No Launch, No Funnels, And No Technology Either… With My Simple And Quick Income Infusion Campaigns and Templates! [LIFETIME Access!]

“Does it Really Gotta Be THIS Hard to Make Money?? Spending ALL This Cash and TIME to Just Bring in Some Dough!?” (Ever Hear Yourself Say That?)

Hello, rockstar!

I’m so excited you’ve arrived on this page.

Here’s what I know for sure:

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for any business owner to know is how to infuse FAST INCOME into their business whenever they need it.

Because whether you’re a new business owner barely making it by or an established business owner with multiple income streams, your cash flow and your ability to create it on demand is everything. And if you intend to add more leverage, systems and automation to your business (which you should), that costs money!

As a business owner you must know how to make money quickly any time you need an influx of cash in your business.

Adding a new expense… hiring a new person… making an investment in a coach… paying yourself… dealing with tight profit margins… You have to know how to make money quickly in those situations!

Cash flow is everything. And if you don’t have control of it, you can lose it all in an instant.

So the Fast Income Infusion Techniques I teach my private clients, (and that I am certified in), are essentially designed to simplify and speed up the process of injecting income into your business whenever you need.

That way, any time you decide you need some extra income, you pull this technique out, you deploy it, and watch the cash flow into your life.

Consider it Cash on Demand (Seriously.)

People Make Marketing and Making Money SO Complicated.
But it Doesn’t Have to Be!

So, I made each campaign as simple as just two steps:

Because, well, you have to have something for people to buy.

Because, well, you have to have people to sell it to. And more eyeballs in front of your offers means more potential buyers.

Where it gets a little tricky, why people think marketing is complicated is, and frankly why they hire me to help with this is… there’s so many different types of offers to choose from and so many different types of traffic to choose from too!

…And different offers and different traffic will create different results. So the choices that you make are really important. That’s why in each income infusion campaign, what I’m doing is I’m helping you pick the right offer and the right traffic…. And giving you templates for how to put that offer in front of that traffic.

This income infusion technique that I teach my clients and that I do myself is responsible for generating big amounts of money in quick time frames with very little set up work….

Over and over again…for online and offline businesses, and for both new and established business owners too.

Inject Income Into Your Business Quickly With No Sales Page, No Launch, No Funnels, And No Technology Either… With My Easy And Fast Income Infusion Campaigns and Templates!

What I do is called “Income Infusion Campaigns.” They are a series of campaigns that work to up your cash flow and make you money quickly and easily. The offer I’m sharing with you here is to get access to my Income Infusion Campaign Strategies and Templates.

This is a series of campaigns designed to inject quick money into your business without a sales page, without complicated sales funnels, a big launch, or crazy amounts of technology.

I wanted these campaigns to be as simple as humanly possible so that no matter what business someone was in or how long they’ve been in it, they could use it any time they wanted to up their income.

What KINDS of Campaigns Do You Get Access To?

The exact templates and campaign I use to renew clients getting near the end of their program/package
[This template made me $36K in one month, and my client Lisa $3K in 1 day]

The exact templates and campaign I use to invite a past client/customer to purchase again from me
[This template made me $30K in 2 weeks, and my client Marilee $8k in 2 days]

The exact templates and campaign I use to make a low-ticket offer to my community
[This template made me an extra quick $4K in 7 days]

The exact templates and campaign I use to generate phone calls (discovery sessions)
[This template made me an extra $21K in 60 days, and my client Lisa $10K in 1 week]

The exact templates and campaign I use to make a “Holiday Sale” offer to my community
[This template made me a quick $4K in 4 days, and $3K in 72 hours]

The exact templates and campaign I use to make an offer to previous leads
[This template made a quick $3K in 1 Day (and turned 3 “Nos” into “Yes”s)]

The exact templates and campaign I use to ask referral partners to send me business
[This template made $20K in 2 weeks]

The exact templates and campaign I use to make an offer to anyone I feel is a fit for what I’m selling
[This template made $14K in 2 weeks]

And Here’s Something Else That’s Really Important to Mention…

Having these campaigns to pull out of your pocket will give you a definite edge in the marketplace. Why? Well, you’ve likely noticed there’s more NOISE out there than ever, with everyone and their mama trying to sell you their latest online program.

Why compete all the time? Use these campaigns to bring in quick income in ways that hardly ANYONE is doing.


Recent Results Using These Techniques in My Clients’ Businesses and Mine:

My client Carol Ann brought in $6K with just 3 emails…

My client Lisa brought in $12K with just 1 30 minute phone call…

My client Lori brought in $9K in just a few days with 1 simple rinse-and-repeat template…

I brought in $14K with just 3 emails… then $7K with 1 phone call… then $9K with one 30 minute talk.

And that’s just the recent past couple of months. THIS TECHNIQUE WORKS! My clients are making an average of 8k within 2 weeks with these campaigns. (I don’t keep these income infusion techniques to myself, I’ve been using these with my private clients. You can see more of their results in the testimonials below.)

Here’s What I’ll Give You to Get These Campaigns Going in Your Own Business:

Access To All Of My Income Infusion Campaign Strategies
Plug-and-Play Scripts and Templates
3 Weeks of Intensive Facebook Group Accountability and Coaching (No, I don’t kick you out of the Group after the Intensive ends – you have lifetime access. :-))
Direction From Me About Which Ones Make Sense For You And How To Customize Them To Your Business
The Opportunity To Increase Your Cash Flow RIGHT NOW With No Sales Page, Tech, Launch, or Funnel
The Opportunity To Discover How To Get Quick & Easy Money In The Door ANY TIME YOU WANT In The Future As Well!

The Income Infusion Intensive is Only $997. (6-pay Plan Available!)

(And I could actually charge like 5x that considering what your ROI can be if you put this into practice!)

If you have any questions, email me ASAP:

Let’s do this!



“I made a ton of progress with Christine’s Income Infusion Campaigns! I booked my first two 12 month clients into my new package!

In the same week, I booked two 6 month clients and have a $5,000 keynote.

I’m kicking butt using what Christine taught me!”

Lisa Montanaro

“As a result of using Christine’s Income Infusion Campaigns, I brought in a quick 6k in just a few days with only 3 emails!

I also made 5k fast using her strategies selling my new coaching program. Thanks Christine!”

Carol Ann DeSimine

As seen in:

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“Since working with Christine and her Income Infusion Campaigns, my business has grown in very tangible ways–my list has grown from 250 to over 2800, I have 350 new customers, and my team has quadrupled.

I also hosted two teleseminar events with over 650 registrants each and a telesummit with nearly 400 registrants.

The tangible skills I’ve learned from Christine have dramatically affected the course of my business.”

Lacey Swartz

“Christine taught me the importance of over-delivering and modeled it. I came away with dozens of specific steps to grow my business after learning from her.

With her suggestions, my email list more than tripled and I met my income goals for the year. I still reference the giant amount of information that she gave us!”

Laura Peifer

“I have been online for over 8 years and taken more marketing courses than I can count.

It wasn’t until I implemented Christine’s Income Infusion techniques that I was able to get results – my list has grown by 50% and my sales have increased by 80%.

Brenda Nicholson

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