The Impact Academy Business School is part marketing, part mindset, and 100 percent focused on helping YOU make YOUR impact in the world… on your terms.

In the Impact Academy Business School, we believe there is something bigger and better out there for you, even if you don’t just yet.

The Impact Academy is a premier mentoring program for entrepreneurs, designed to deliver a high level of personal attention as well as invaluable group support, so you make powerful decisions, stay accountable, and take inspired action.

Our Business School is comprised of 3 tiers, each tailored to fit where a student is currently at in their business. Our curriculum uniquely marries both proven marketing practices and guided mindset work to deliver you measurable results.

It’s not just a structured coaching and training program, it’s also a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, working together to reach a common goal: to have a very profitable, rewarding and FUN business that feeds your soul AND impacts the world.

Our students value personal growth, continuous innovation, being open to new ideas, supporting and respecting others, love, gratitude and appreciation, and making a difference in the world.

We believe that when you find the courage to share your gifts and your message in a much bigger way, you will not only find more meaning and fulfillment in your life, you also become a force for positive change in the world. By educating and inspiring entrepreneurs, we help you find a renewed sense of purpose and passion, allowing you to step into your bigger vision, connect to your “why” in order to serve at the highest level, and make a lasting, true impact in the world through a business you love.

Group Support + Private Mentoring + Online Curriculum + Live Retreats = A Business School Unlike Any Other

The Growth Tier

Get ready to build your
strong foundation, ramp up
your marketing skills, and
establish irresistible offers.


The Expansion Tier

Step it up and create systems,
add leverage and
automation, and grow your
rock star team.


The Mastery Private Tier

Make the leap into a high
level of personal attention,
accountability, and mentoring
and multiply your business.


 “Before working with Christine, I was struggling to find a way out of the hours for dollars model. Once I started working with Christine in the Impact Academy Growth Tier, I started making money with what I know as opposed to with what I do

Within a few months I had made back my investment-and more-through my new coaching program alone. My list has doubled, I’ve cut back on my done-for-you services and take on only ideal clients.

I’m getting ready to hold my third teleseminar and my third group coaching program, and I already enrolled 3 clients even before the launch! My next step is to hold a telesummit!”


Carol Ann DeSimine
The Sizzle System

“I made a ton of progress working with Christine. I packaged many of my programs and services to leverage my content. I re-wrote and re-designed my entire website, Bio and promotional materials. I changed my business name and let go of some service areas, products and programs that no longer appealed to me and were part of my outdated brand. 

I even booked my first two 12 month clients into the coaching package that Christine and I created together! In the same week, I booked two 6 month clients and have a $5,000 keynote. I’m kicking butt using what we put into place during our coaching.

My tribe of clients, fans and followers grew online in social media and my own e-zine list. My clients invested in themselves through my services at higher levels, and I had my best year ever financially. I also participated in many joint ventures in the past year due to up-leveling my online foot print.

I have had much success in the last year, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that it mirrors the time I have been working with Christine. I am getting even higher profile speaking engagements and keynotes, am sought after as a leader in the productivity and organizing industry, and was able to stop working as a hands on organizer to focus on what I love and do best. Thanks Christine!”

Lisa Montanaro

“Before joining Impact Academy, I was very discouraged from a bad client breakup which left me doubting myself, and out of touch with who I was. I have since regained clarity of what I want, I’m more confident, and I am back in touch with my core values. I am not afraid to let my personality shine.

By the beginning of the 4th quarter I had tripled my income and I am planning to add a consulting income stream. I have two new retainer clients and have started dreaming again!

Lisa Olinda


We know that making a decision like this isn’t something to take lightly! You likely have some questions about it, and we want you to make an informed decision. Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the program below so you can make the best choice for you.


I know I belong in the IMPACT Academy Business School but I’m not sure I can afford the tuition right now…

My own mentors have taught me that when an opportunity for growth is presented to you, it’s important to evaluate it based on the specific results and value you will receive from it, not from what it “costs.” I have learned to look at my own opportunities for investing in myself by using the “4x model.” “If I implement everything that I learn in this program, using the step-by-step methods, support, expert coaching and accountability that are built into it, is it likely that I will make 4 times my investment back in the program in the next 12-24 months?” If the answer is “YES!” then it is a very good investment. (This is why I have invested over $150,000 in my own coaching and mentoring to date, and am able to get such exponential returns as a result.)

Many clients who work with me are excited to report that coaching pays for itself in the form of new sales and clients quickly, with many making back their full-pay investment in just a few short months, if not sooner. I have structured the curriculum and coaching to make sure you take consistent, fast action, resulting in new income that pays for the program. Obviously if this investment, even at the low installment level, is going to bring financial hardship to you and your family, then you may not be ready. However, if it is within your grasp, then investing in yourself and your business is the best investment you could make, because you will be using what you learn over the rest of your business career.

I want to apply but I’m not sure my spouse will be ok with the investment... How do I get my spouse to support me in my decision?

I know firsthand how important it is to have the support of a spouse when it comes to investing in coaching and mentoring—and in business in general. When a spouse is not present when coaching is presented, it can sometimes be difficult for them to see the immediate value in such an investment. They may wonder if this is just another distracting bright shiny object. I understand this intimately! When sharing the opportunity of the IMPACT Academy with your spouse, be sure to let them know: the specific components of the program, how it is different from other programs you’ve seen, the success stories and results that have come out of others’ coaching experiences, and the background of the coach. Review the materials with your spouse and know that when you explain what you’ll get and what your return on investment will be, it is much more likely that you will get their full support. Please also let your spouse know that they are invited to attend all the meetings for a small administrative fee for the year. This is optional, but very helpful.

I'm more advanced in my business--or, I'm just starting out in my business--is this right for me?

No matter what stage you are at in your business (just starting out or in year 5+), your success will always be determined by constantly evolving and upping your game. Success is also integrally tied to the company you keep and who you choose as a mentor. It’s so important to recognize that other entrepreneurs have walked this road before you and thus you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Rather, you can learn from them and choose to work with those who can guide you based on their own trials and successes. I have always had mentors and been part of Mastermind groups so that I could learn from them and have the accountability I needed (and still need) to keep striving to higher levels of success.

The power of the IMPACT Academy and Mastermind groups generally lies in the tremendous support, guidance, accountability, mentorship, learning, and teaching among the group members, and the ongoing education and content you’ll receive from both the open Q&A calls and each module on the latest business, marketing and mindset tools. Additionally, the 1:1 coaching with me is designed to address the very unique individual needs of each group member.

I’ve noticed that several of the students in the Impact Academy Business School are coaches. What if I am not a coach and I sell products, instead of a service or a program? Is this the right school for me?

Impact Academy students come from many different industries. Regardless of the type of business you have, the Impact Academy will help you make the leap to your next level. Whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar one, the Growth Tier of the Impact Academy will lead you to success through our carefully designed curriculum. If you have enough clients and customers but are very short on time, then the Expansion Tier will help you leverage, systematize and automate your business so that you multiply your income with more free time for you—regardless of the type of business you have.

The program sounds great, but I think I want to implement the information I’ve been learning on my own before I get started…

In my experience coaching hundreds of business owners, I find that when they are left to their own devices to implement on their own, it inevitably fails. This is because most entrepreneurs are people who are great at starting new things, but are not necessarily great at “finishing.” Alone, you may implement some of the pieces. But with the support of a strong coach answering all of your questions, giving you step-by-step advice, getting you unstuck, providing you with accountability and the unconditional support of a group of peers who want you to succeed, your rate of implementation increases exponentially. When you do not have that support, it is too easy to slip back into your old ways, therefore getting very slow, or no results. This is why I ALWAYS have a coach and mentor myself. I would not implement nearly as fast if I didn’t have that strong level of accountability in place in my own business.

Schedule your free call and find out how the Impact Academy can be a major game changer for your business.


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