Ready for a Rock Solid Business Foundation?

Build and structure your business with game changing marketing and irresistible offers in a supportive, committed community.

Right now, this is you…

  • Perhaps you’re just starting out in your business and need serious clarity to craft your unique message and hone your niche.
  • Currently gaining leads from friends and family but it’s time to level up your marketing knowledge so you consistently attract and convert to a wider audience.
  • Looking to create a solid sales funnel while developing and promoting your must have programs with ease and confidence.
  • Ready to match your income with the value you provide for flexibility and financial freedom.

In short, you’re ready to make an impact.

What you need is a solid business blueprint for more clients, visibility, and profit – with serious motivation and support along the way.

Welcome to the Impact Academy Growth Mastermind

Think about how many times you’ve stared at your computer wondering, “Which business model is actually right for my services?”


“How do I focus on social media as a marketing strategy? Does it even work?”

Or even still…

“How do I fill my next workshop or program with confidence?”

It can all feel pretty exhausting and slightly confusing. Am I right?

Because you know you need to build the steps to that rock solid foundation (it’s a must to grow your business) – but it needs to feel doable.

Well, that’s what Growth is all about.



What You Can Expect:



  • Identify your best business model and profitable market while consistently nailing your marketing message.
  • Create your irresistible packages dream clients will happily pay for.
  • Increase online visibility while learning how to leverage social media in a way that feels possible – even if you’ve never had a Facebook page!
  • Develop a structured online sales funnel that never feels “pushy.”
  • Get access to free and low-cost web operations so you can easily build a responsive list and a solid stay-in-touch plan.
  • Strengthen your mindset and confidence while you grow and maintain your rockin’, on fire business!

“Before I joined the Impact Academy Growth Tier, I had a fledgling business I had just started and I was tech-illiterate! I didn’t even have a Facebook Page.

Today, I have a full website, a virtual assistant, a much improved social media presence and I’ve held my first teleclass and live event!

Christine over-delivers and all the resources you need are there for you within the Impact Academy. The retreats are especially  great to refocus, re-energize you and spend time with like-minded people. Christine is there for you with all her heart. I am now excited to see what else we create in my third year of the Impact Academy!”

Harriet Linder
Better Living Wellness

You get a structured training and coaching program providing you with the step-by-step plan to build and grow your business for maximum visibility and profit.

Plus, we take it a step further…

We combine your action plan with a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, committed to working together for serious change.

The result?

More results in less time because you are constantly held accountable, motivated, and supported – every step of the way.

Ready to find out how Impact Academy could be the ultimate kickstart for your business?

Schedule your complimentary call today. Let’s find out what’s currently working in your business and where you could start focusing – right now – for tangible results.

Schedule your free call and find out how the Impact Academy can be a major game changer for your business.


The Growth System


Make serious progress, gain clients, and strengthen your business skills with 4 strategically designed segments…


This is where we get crystal clear on prioritizing + productivity for your most profitable business model. Together, we will craft your magnetic marketing message to stand out – on and offline – to attract your dream client. You’ll easily create and price an irresistible package of programs aligning with your values as you strengthen your mindset and increase your confidence (with more profit along the way!).


With Impact Academy’s unique 2-part system, you’ll learn to speak to ideal clients with effective and efficient strategies showcasing your must have strengths. Step-by-step materials to build a strong referral base to market your value with clarity – from networking events, speaking engagements, and workshops.


Design your marketing plan so it runs on autopilot for maximum results and less work. Create a trusted team to systemize your client management so you never feel overwhelmed while continuously generating new clients with ease because your message is effective and strong.


You’ll learn how to market and fill your next workshops with compelling copywriting tips to increase sales and leverage affiliates happy to promote and celebrate your work. Plus, you’ll get in-the-know strategies for attracting more subscribers and clients with video marketing.

“Before working with Christine in the Growth Tier, my business was stalled and I wasn’t very active in it. I didn’t know where to start! However, since joining the Impact Academy I have gained a lot more confidence, enjoyed support from the other Impact members, and I have been actively engaging my audience.

Additionally, I have hosted my own workshop, I have been a featured speaker another, my list has increased and I have been consistently sending out my e-mail newsletter!

Christine is a wonderful mentor who I enjoy working with immensely. I would encourage you to work with her and say yes to yourself and your business so you can take the next leap!”

Jennifer Fraser
Balance Your Heart

How It Works

  • Private Kickoff Strategic Call with Christine – highlight your strengths and identify 2 areas where you can focus and grow your business. (60 minutes)
  • 6 One-on-One Coaching Calls – map your marketing journey with action steps and honest guidance. (30 minutes each)
  • Bi-weekly Curriculum Classes – 24 modules with video, plus detailed worksheets.
  • 3 Live Group Mastermind Meetings – expect major leaps as you work in real time with our coaches and community for focused results.
  • 12 Group Q&A Calls to voice challenges and ask your specific questions.
  • An accountability partner to keep you motivated and committed.
  • Private online forum access to bounce ideas, celebrate wins and stay motivated with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs ready to rock their business.

Serious Growth + Real Results

As I continue to coach hundreds of business owners and my own experience of growing and maintaining my own business, one thing is forever true…

You can’t make any money if no one knows you exist! Period.

Because it’s not just about being good at your craft or your secret sauce – it’s about getting your message out there in a magnetic, big way.

And the second forever true thing?

Most entrepreneurs are great at starting new things, but not so great at “finishing.”

When we try to tackle our business alone, you may implement in pieces. But it’s easy to slip back into old ways or decide “I’ll do it later.”

Sound familiar?

The best recipe for motivation and continuous growth is honest guidance. A trusted mentor giving you step-by-step advice, getting you unstuck when you want to throw in the towel, and providing you with accountability and the unconditional support of a group of peers who want you to succeed.

That’s what The Growth Mastermind will do for you.

As you begin to build your business, assembling a team of trusted mentors, a solid structured system and built-in support will, not only, set you up for success but it will keep you motivated, able to tackle challenges in less time, strengthen your income goals, client leads, and most importantly, your mindset.

Schedule your complimentary call today and find out how Impact Academy could be the game changer you’ve been looking for.

(Plus, you’ll walk away with a few tips you can start implementing today. Guaranteed).

Schedule your free call and find out how the Impact Academy can be a major game changer for your business.


Since joining the Growth Tier my list has grown by 50% and my sales have increased by 80%. I am marketing on a regular basis now and feel much more in tune with my clients and their needs.

I have been online for over 8 years and taken more marketing courses than I can count. I even joined 2 masterminds. It wasn’t until I attended Christine’s workshops and signed up with her for coaching that I was able to actually put what I knew and what she taught to work.

Brenda Nicholson
ADD Woman

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