I know you want to share your talents with A LOT more people and make a greater impact in the world, but…

Are you still struggling to attract clients using outdated techniques that aren’t getting you results?

Do you love what you do but marketing and sales stress you out because it feels exhausting and inauthentic?

Are you feeling stuck because, as a committed and driven business owner, your income isn’t consistent or where you need it to be?

Are you seeking a dedicated, by-your-side mentor to show you the step-by-step HOW of getting clients online and leveraging the Internet?

If you can relate to the questions above, you’re not alone—and you’ve come to the right place. I’m Christine Gallagher, and I’m devoted to helping you, the entrepreneur, grow your business with authentic, relationship-focused marketing and simple, proven online strategies to attract more clients, make more money and craft a flexible, freedom-based business you love.

Just imagine getting the steps, systems, guidance and encouragement that you need to enjoy more opportunities, more clients and more fun in your business.  Imagine being seen as the expert, a leader in your field or niche with new clients lining up all the time to have you work with them and loyal, raving “fans” who gladly buy everything you offer.  This is not a pipe dream.  In fact, it’s the new reality for women entrepreneurs all over the world who’ve learned to leverage the Internet AND use powerful, engaging marketing to build the businesses of their dreams–and it can be YOUR reality too.

Unfortunately, many business owners who want nothing more than to help as many people as they can and share their gifts with the world are STRUGGLING. They’re not making enough money. They’re using marketing techniques that feel forced and completely inauthentic.  They’re working themselves into exhaustion trying to get by, only to end up feeling just as stuck as ever.  The business game has changed (it’s a Googling world!), and they can’t help but feel that they’re being left behind.

If you’ve been experiencing any of this at all, know that it’s ok. It’s not your fault, it’s just that you haven’t been shown how to market in your true voice–effectively.  You haven’t been given the tools and the systems and the PLAN to get you where you want to go. You’re feeling lost because you’ve most likely got TOO much information, too many moving parts, and not enough practical, step-by-step help.

“In the First Year With Christine I Tripled My Income and the Second Year I Quadrupled That!”

“I had been marketing online since 2002 and worked with a few top coaches in the industry, but I still found myself frustrated and unable to monetize all that I had been doing. My trust factor related to industry coaches was at an all time low. I was at a crossroads for sure.

With Christine I finally found a marketing model that worked for me. That, combined with my sensing her authenticity and true concern for her clients, helped to build my trust and confidence in my decision to hire her as my coach. Since coaching with Christine I was able to make some of the tough business decisions I was unable to make before, tweaked my branding, gained more clarity, and implemented strategies that have bought in over $22,000 very quickly. With her help, I’ve launched my specialized coaching program which is one of the easiest things I’ve done, and it’s brought in $11,000 in just 3 weeks. Plus, I held my first 3-day event which generated over $33,000 for me in just one day.

Jump on your opportunity to work with Christine. I can say this confidently based on my personal experience with coaches and having been in the industry for almost 12 years, she is one of the best.

Marilee Tolen Lifestyle & Marketing Coach for Wellness Professionals www.MarileeTolen.com

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can share your gifts with more people, make more money, and have the successful, fulfilling business you’ve always wanted–and do it on YOUR terms. I invite you to discover how much simpler and rewarding it can be to grow a business that gives you the fulfillment and income you desire by learning more about our products, programs and events here.

You are meant to prosper. I can’t wait to help guide you on your journey to more clients, freedom and fun!

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