Hi there!

We’re so happy you’re collaborating with us in this giveaway! We expect this to be very exciting and successful, and we’re glad you’ll be part of the party!

Three immediate (and quick) requests:

 1) Read the contributor info on this link, if you haven’t already done so. By participating in this event, you’ll be agreeing to what’s on this page.

2) Think right now about who else you know that could be a great contributor to this event, and make us an introduction… before you forget!

3) Check out the contributor tips on this link here. They will help you craft a super-juicy opt-in that meets our giveaway guidelines AND pulls in tons of just the right new leads for yourself during this giveaway. Plus, the better the gifts in the giveaway, the more buzz for the event!

Even if you have participated before in other giveaways, please read these tips/suggestions/guidelines.


You’ll start by clicking this link to go to our online contributor application. To complete the application, you’ll need to first gather the following:

 * Name, business name, email, assistant’s email, phone, cell phone
* List size
* Giveaway title
* 100 words benefit-rich description of the gift offer (3rd person)
* Value each (the monetary value you attach to each gift)
* Quantity available (how many of the gift you are giving away, if a drawing)
* Title of “Free for Everyone” gift (if you are doing a raffle)
* 200 x 200 px product image for your gift
* 130 x 160 px headshot
* URL for your opt-in page

Please complete the application ASAP! Deadline is June 22. But remember, it’s first-come-first-served, and we don’t allow duplicate gifts.

PLUS, when you turn all your materials in by June 22, we’ll put your name in a contributor drawing, where we’ll draw names for priority placement on the giveaway page.


The more attractive gifts we have in this giveaway, the better the results for everyone involved.

So please invite and connect us with any of your colleagues OR clients who meet the following criteria. Make the introduction to this email address: gcogiveaway@gmail.com:

* Minimum list size of 5,000
* Audience of business owners, coaches, speakers, trainers, private practice professionals, solopreneurs, etc.
* Has (or can create) a relevant, juicy gift
* FUN to work with!

We’re super-excited about the giveaway and hope you are, too. Please don’t hesitate to write if you have questions: gcogiveaway@gmail.com.

All the Best,
Christine and the She’s Got Clients Team

The Grow. Scale. Profit Giveaway © 2019 Christine Gallagher and ShesGotClients.com

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