Be a Part of THE Premier Giveaway Event of 2019, Grow Your List in a BIG Way, and Gain Exposure to Thousands of Potential New Clients and Customers!


You’re invited to the party. ?

It’s Christine and I’m so glad you’re interested in being a part of “Grow. Scale. Profit.” – The Premier Giveaway of the Year for Entrepreneurs!

This is an opportunity that your email list and social media connections will absolutely love, and YOU will love all the new highly targeted leads you’ll receive! Please read all the details of participation below, as your participation will indicate acceptance of these requirements.

While we can’t guarantee results, we can tell you that on average, the majority of contributors will walk away with 800-2,000+ new leads! Cool, right?!

Please know that there is a first-come-first-served application process, so please don’t wait to read this page in full and take care of the $150 contributor fee.

Take care of the contributor fee here now to reserve your spot.

As soon as you make your payment, you’ll receive an email with a link to the online application form and instructions for submitting your information and materials to us.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: When you complete your application and submit all necessary materials no later than the first due date of August 23, we’ll put your name in a contributor drawing, where we’ll draw names for priority placement on the giveaway page.

If you have any questions, please contact Team Christine at Tanya@ShesGotClients.com.

With Appreciation,


NOTE: Please feel free to contact our team at Tanya@ShesGotClients.com for any questions about the details, requirements and responsibilities listed below.

Promo Window

The giveaway opens Monday, October 7, and closes Monday, October 28. Your emails promoting the event must go out during this time frame.

How It Works

Visitors enter the giveaway and are taken to a page with all contributor giveaway offers. There, they click the “Give Me Access” button for any offers they’re interested in (as in, yours!). That takes them to an opt-in page on YOUR site, where they will complete the opt-in process.

NO Immediate Upsells

During the period the event is live, no upsells to paid programs are allowed. We encourage you to nurture your new list and then, at the right time sometime after the giveaway has ended, make a paid offer.


Email List

You must have an EMAIL list of at least 5,000 (primarily solopreneurs and client-based professionals).

Contributor Fee

The contributor fee to participate is $150. Click this link to pay now and reserve your spot. Your spot is not secure until your application has been submitted and you have paid the contributor fee. We reserve the right to reject your offer if it doesn’t meet our desired goals. If this happens (it’s not anticipated), we will contact you and work with you to choose or craft a different offer so that you can participate. If we are unable to find that together, we’ll refund your contributor fee.

Solo Emails

You must agree to send 3 solo promotional emails for the giveaway between October 7-28, 2019. All copy will be provided. (In a few rare exceptions, we can accept emailing only two times.)


Put Together a Great Giveaway Offer!

The more exciting the things we all give away collectively, the bigger the buzz and the greater the crowd this giveaway attracts. And, of course, the more ideal leads you attract to your list, too! And remember, for THIS giveaway, your gift must in some way help people with at least one of the following: obtaining more clients, leads, sales, or visibility online.

Fill Out Your Application ASAP and Provide All Materials Requested

As soon as you submit your contributor fee, you’ll receive an email with a link to the application page and other instructions. Your application must be submitted no later than August 23, 2019, or you run the risk of not having your giveaway up on the site on opening day, October 7.

Create an Opt-In + Thank-You Page on Your Site

Create an opt-in page on your site that describes the benefits of the product or service you’re offering and provides a way to sign up to receive it or to win it in a raffle. You’ll also need to create a thank you page with either a download link or instructions for next steps. These must be complete, uploaded and ready for us to review no later than September 7, 2019. We will provide you with a banner to include on your page and some boilerplate language for the very bottom of the page.

Email Your List + Post on Social Media

As discussed in the requirements section, you must send a solo email about the giveaway to your list 3 times between October 7-28, 2019, as well as post on your social media channels. This is what makes a collaborative effort like this create success for everyone. We will provide all promotional copy, social media posts and images. And we ask that you forward to our team the emails you send, as we track all promotions for the event.

Collect + Provide Us with Names of Winners

For any gifts you are raffling off, you will choose your winners the day AFTER the giveaway ends (October 29, 2019). YOU will contact the winners and then provide full names to US. You may need to ask them for their last name. We need FULL NAMES (first and last) by October 30, 2019. We will publish the winners on the giveaway site by November 5, 2019.


We always appreciate when you can send in your stuff BEFORE the due date!

Pay contributor fee: ASAP to hold place
Fill out application + submit info/materials: August 23, 2019
Complete and upload your opt-in/thank you pages: September 7, 2019
Email your list and post social media messages: October 7-28, 2019
Select + notify your winners (if you’re doing a raffle) + get last names: October 29, 2019
Send winners’ FULL NAMES to us: October 30, 2019

    The Grow. Scale. Profit Giveaway © 2019 Christine Gallagher and ShesGotClients.com

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