Get Clients Online System

*ATTENTION: Small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Virtual Assistants, Speakers, Healers and Solopreneurs*

“I Will Teach You Exactly How to Use My Step-By-Step Get Clients Online System to Attract a Steady Stream of Ideal, Raving Fan Clients, Easily Close the Sale, Stand Out as THE Expert in Your Field, Create Your Own High-Impact Marketing Materials and Make A Lot More Money While Working LESS in Your Business–All in Record Time.”

“Experience An All-New, In-Depth Training Program Where I’ll Show You Exactly HOW to Create a Successful and Sustainable Business Online Filled with More Clients and Customers, More Cash Flow, and More Time and Freedom for Your Business–and Your Life!”

You will discover my complete plan–a specific online marketing system you can use and follow every day so that YOUR business can begin running like a well-oiled machine, allow you to cherry-pick your clients, enjoy regular 5-figure months, and be seen as a go-to leader in your field–all while having more fun than ever before.

From: Christine Gallagher
Your Relationship Marketing Mentor
New Jersey, USA

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

I want to first say that I am so glad you’ve come to this page. The fact that you have landed here tells me that you’ve probably been asking for a way to make more money and get more clients and customers in your business for a long time. You have been spinning your wheels trying to make this whole online marketing thing work for you, and you’re finally ready to give up on trying to go it alone and figure it all out by yourself.

Why? Because that way is not working.

I want you to take a moment with me and imagine something.

Imagine waking up every morning to new orders in your inbox as you sit down with your coffee. You then take a few minutes to write up and send an email telling your list about a fantastic new high-level program you’re launching, and just a few minutes later you have emails from 5 different people who tell you they are super-excited and ready to begin working with you as your clients.

You briefly check the stats on your number of email subscribers and notice to your delight that they have recently doubled. Shortly after this, you receive emails from 2 very well-known colleagues you’ve been admiring for a long time asking you to partner with them on a fantastic new joint venture they’re drawing up.

It’s also the day your weekly newsletter goes out, and because the process has been completely systematized, at the push of a button it’s sent to your thousands of subscribers. That afternoon you receive 3 new orders for information products you’ve advertised in your e-zine, along with several heartfelt notes from subscribers who are so grateful for all the valuable content you share.

You shut your laptop down early that afternoon and take a moment to relax and envision the upcoming 2-week vacation you have planned, knowing that orders will continue to roll in, your pipeline will remain full, and your business will continue to run itself with ease. And it’s not only the financial rewards and the freedom that makes your business such a joy to run…it’s also the greater number of lives you get to touch and the amazing people you have the honor of helping…now that you’ve set your business up to leverage technology and take advantage of automation…and you do it all with the authenticity and integrity that has always been so important to you.

Pretty wonderful, huh?

But…that’s not exactly how your business and life looks right now, is it? Even though you’ve been working really hard to figure it all out?

It’s actually more likely that you’re an entrepreneur who…

Feels like they are in information overwhelm, with too many choices, too many “gurus,” and not enough        PRACTICAL step-by-step HOW-TO
Has no idea what to do next and is sick and tired of feeling utterly STUCK
Aren’t yet completely clear on WHO you should be targeting or what your message really is
Has always been wary of marketing “too much” or feeling like a sleazy salesperson while doing it
Keeps getting tripped up on the technical aspects of running your business, and it’s keeping you stalled and frustrated (because you don’t know what you don’t know!)
Is, admittedly, inconsistent in your marketing and outreach
Has a list that’s growing pitifully slow (if you have one at all)
Is probably not charging enough (but pesky fears keep coming up for you around this)
Has no idea why more clients aren’t saying “yes”…or more sales aren’t coming through
Is unclear about how to hone in on what makes your personal and professional brand stand out above the crowd (aka, the “there are already SO many other people who do what I do!” syndrome)
Is spending a ton of time and energy trying to do the “right” things (like spending gobs of time on social media), but it’s getting you nowhere
Has a website but it’s doing absolutely nothing for you in the way of getting LEADS (or worse, you don’t even have one at all)
Is finally ready for a plug and play marketing plan that works
Knows that you could be doing more to automate and systematize your business–but has no clue where to start
Wants to understand how to implement multiple streams of income to leverage your time and your talent
Wants to make more money without working harder (what a concept! :))
Has decided you’re OVER the “hype” of typical online marketing training programs’ empty promises and “fluff” content (a down-to-earth, real-world PLAN would be a breath of fresh air at this point!)
Is hungry for the “WHOLE picture,” not just PIECES of the puzzle that leave you more lost than ever
Is ready for someone to personally guide and help you along your path–with specific hands-on advice and coaching on YOUR particular business

…a fellow solopreneur who understands your goals and can show you the way to finally help you reach them…who is actually making a great living from private clients, AND through products and programs sold online? Someone who truly “gets it?”

Luckily, you’ve found the right girl. 🙂

If you’ve been experiencing any of this at all, know that it’s ok. It’s not your fault, it’s just that you haven’t been given the tools and the systems and the PLAN to get you where you want to go. We’re about to turn that all around.

I know. It all seems like a lot.

But, it’s like learning anything new in life…it’s a little foreign, it may be uncomfortable…it may feel like you’ll never “get it down.”

But over time, with the right guidance and a bit of practice, that “something new” becomes old hat. Even enjoyable! Soon you don’t even remember NOT knowing how to do “the thing.”

Online marketing is no different.

When you’ve got the model, the examples, the templates and the how-to, things become EASY…and getting results becomes FUN.

Yep, when you’re shown exactly how to market online, you get results faster and it all begins to be EASY and FUN! (Honest!)

YOU CAN DO THIS. I truly believe that with all my heart.

I’m really not all that special, believe me! You don’t have to have a certain amount of degrees hanging on your wall, you don’t have to look a certain way, you don’t have to have an “in” with a certain group of people. The way I did it and continue to do it is because of 3 main things:

1) I continually take action and put myself “out there” (even if things aren’t “perfect!”)
2) I have a consistent marketing system in place that I follow
3) I don’t reinvent the wheel–I learn from mentors and coaches who’ve paved the path before me

So what does it REALLY take to have a highly-successful and sustainable business online?

When I first decided to go into business for myself, I intellectually knew that marketing would be important…but I don’t think I quite had a CLUE just how MUCH.

Believe me, I stumbled and struggled a lot, and learned some huge, not-so-fun lessons.

In time I realized that it’s not enough to just be good at what it is you do, you need also make it your job to market yourself every single day.

So many people do not fully “get” this, and sadly, a good number of entrepreneurs end up owning a pricey hobby instead of a business. (Or worse, they simply end up shutting their doors forever.)

Once I got really clear on this, that’s when things began to change for me in a big way.

If you want to reach 6 figures and beyond in your own online business, never worry about a shortage or clients and customers, and enjoy having that elusive “expert status” in your field, you need to do things in a CERTAIN way. Here’s exactly what I mean:

Get clear who you are most meant to serve, down to their exact characteristics and traits
Find where your target market hangs out, in large numbers and inexpensively
Create your unique marketing message so that you can stand out in a crowded marketplace, gain more credibility, and market yourself and your business with confidence
Discover your own “compelling story” that helps magnetically pull ideal clients and customers to you, and weave it through your marketing materials
Offer an irresistible “free taste” that effortlessly pulls in new leads, day after day
Utilize stay-in-touch strategies to stay top of mind for your prospects so they always think of YOU first
Provide valuable content that positions you as an expert and keeps traffic flowing to your website
Incorporate multiple streams of income that will allow you to stop selling your time and start selling your knowledge
Price your offerings from low to high to serve more people and increase the number of sales you make
Learn how to easily and expertly “close the sale”
Automatically pre-qualify prospects so you’re not wasting time on non-ideal ones (which can be totally exhausting)
Create powerful joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances
Set up marketing sequences and systems that help you attract new clients (even while you’re asleep)

While the majority of business owners will continue to fall far short of reaching 6 figures online, YOU will buck the trend and ROCK your business in a BIG way.

Truthfully there is a lot of doom and gloom around the statistics of people who try to do business online.

It’s actually kind of a bummer.

I read things like:

“99% of people attempting to do business online fail”

“Making money online is too hard”

“Getting clients using the Internet is a pipe dream”

While it’s not exactly a rosy picture, it’s also not really surprising.

It seems like many people out there love to teach SLICES of the pie…but never truly the WHOLE pie. What’s up with that?

Sure, we’re told how important it is to hone in on our ideal client, and how important it is to blog, or use Twitter, or send an e-zine…but why is it so darn HARD to get the complete PICTURE?

By the way, that was my experience too…

When I first started my business I knew that all those components were important (heck, I was teaching them!)…but early on, piecing the entire puzzle together was an exercise in frustration (and heartache, nerves and credit card debt as well).

I’ve got a hunch you’re experiencing this as well.

See, I finally figured out that the people who were highly successful online were following a SYSTEM. And it was a system that was replicable–hooray!

The truth is, you could be stuck trying to connect the dots for AGES if all you’re doing is chasing around the latest trendy tool, tactic or bright shiny object. It’s just not enough.

To really succeed online (not just scrape by–but really, truly wildly succeed), you need to know EXACTLY how to get and convert leads, consistently and automatically. (Otherwise, you will only continue to struggle.)

Ask me how I know this. 😉

I’ve been where you are and I understand just how it feels. Not knowing where to start, feeling totally confused, having invested in other courses and information products that just left me more lost than before. I began with literally nothing-—no business, no list, no clients, no name recognition, no money…and had the same fears, frustrations and doubts that you’re most likely having right now.

In fact, let me take you back a bit…

Not so long ago, I was unhappily working in a job at a company that was struggling financially. I was restless, bored and unfulfilled and wanted to have my own business so badly. Having always had a job, I was unsure how to make the leap and anxious about losing the “security” of a paycheck.

When I first dipped my toe into the entrepreneurial waters, I fumbled around trying to figure it all out myself. It was lonely and it WASN’T working. I finally began seeking out mentors. That search led me to several people who each taught me an incredible amount about personal development, business success and marketing.

However, it wasn’t until one day when I decided to make a HUGE (and frankly terrifying) financial leap of faith to hire a mentor and coach (who was making well into the 6 figures) who would completely change my life. In fact, the universe must have seen I was ready to really play big when I made that decision—as 3 weeks later I was promptly laid off from my job!

When that happened I was filled with a mix of emotions—pure terror at first wondering what in the world I was going to do; then nervous excitement because I knew with my coach’s guidance there was no turning back. I was determined (and had no choice really) to learn as much as I could about building a successful and sustainable business online.

Why online? Well, I had just recently gotten married and I was dead set on finding a way to make a really good income without the commute, the lack of control and the lack of true financial opportunity associated with most jobs—before we started a family. I knew that when we did decide to have children, I wanted to be home with them, unlike my own working parents who were never able to be home with me growing up.

Soooo…the bottom line was, I HAD to make this work.

As I studied under my coach privately for two full years, I soaked up all her experience and knowledge like a sponge. Not only that, but I began implementing like crazy. Although the financial investment was considerable, the shortcuts, accountability and support I was getting was priceless.

For the first time in my life, I knew I was going to achieve my long-held dream of having my own business.

Around the same time, this thing called social media was absolutely blowing up and I began to feel very drawn to it. I discovered I had a real knack for helping others simplify and implement social media as a marketing strategy.

Combining it with the online marketing and entrepreneurial skills I was learning through my coach, I began growing my business by leaps and bounds. People were sitting up and taking notice of this success and were constantly asking me what it was that I was doing. Because I knew I could map out exactly what I was doing and help others achieve the same results I had in much less time, I decided to create a real-world, proven system for consistently bringing in new clients and customers using the Internet.

See, I was learning from someone who had figured out that it is not about you working harder, but working smarter. There are people who practically kill themselves working really, really hard—and although they may be making some money, they are absolutely exhausted with no time to enjoy their lives.

I want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Today, I don’t have to struggle–to get clients, to make money, to enjoy life outside my business. It’s an awesome feeling doing something you love, and making really nice money doing it! I’m happy to say it’s also really fun.

“If You Are Interested in Taking the
Expressway to Success, See Christine!”

“When I enrolled in Christine’s Get Clients Online course, I had a Weebly site where I offered administrative services to small business owners. I was interested in growing my business online but most importantly; I wanted to shift my business from administrative services to productivity development. The course lasted 12 weeks and I immediately began implementing the steps she shared with us in each class.

In the course of 12 weeks,

* I launched my new WordPress website, with all the specifications she teaches for attracting clients online.
* I narrowed my niche and identified my target audience.
* I designed my free taste for list building and created strategies to market it effectively.
* I created a strong and consistent social media marketing strategy by following her steps for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which have become second nature to me now.
* I conducted my first tele-seminar
* I approached a few potential clients that had expressed interest in the past but I was too shy to say “here I am” and offered my services. Consequently, I signed all three of them for my services, Including a client that signed to my VIP service ($1900 value)
* I have begun connecting with colleagues to develop JV and affiliate programs.
* I am currently working on my first webinar and signature program that will launch soon.

Christine’s program gave me the foundation I needed to build my online business the right way. I am certain that I received all the teachings necessary to develop and continue the steady growth to success.

I also learned that consistency is key. You have to allow processes to take their course–do not give up, give it time! Her teaching style, passion for life and determination are extremely contagious. Thank you Christine for steering me in the right direction and motivating me to implement, implement, implement in order to see results!! If you are interested in taking the expressway to success, see Christine! The sky is the limit- THANKS!!!”

Araceli Gonzalez
Be Productive Today

“I Would Do it Again Without Hesitation”

“I joined the Get Clients Online program to learn the specifics of what it takes to have a successful online business.

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the information out there on the web and needed someone to help guide me in the right direction. This program was the answer.

While I am still in the process of implementing many of the things we learned in this invaluable course, I was able to make changes to my website that really helped me to sharpen my focus on my niche.  I have also noticed an increase in client interest and traffic in my website and business.  I hope to continue to grow my business in the coming months by using what I’ve learned from this program.  

Christine shares her formula for success and is always available to answer any questions you may have.  This course is definitely worth investing in, if you want to know the secrets to a successful online business.  I highly recommend the Get Clients Online program and would do it again without hesitation.”

Susan Taylor
RD On Call

“A Quality Learning Experience”

“Christine’s Get Clients Online training program helped me better understand many of the missing pieces I needed to move forward in online marketing not readily available in many other marketing programs. 

Christine has a knack for meeting you where you are in your business.  I was never hesitant to ask her questions as her approach was always down-to-earth and very supportive. Her generosity of time and expertise was evident in each and every lesson. 

Overall, I would recommend Christine’s programs to anyone who wants to invest in a quality learning experience!” 

Joan Romeo
Parenting Made Easier, LLC

“Embarrassed No More…Christine’s Course Was a Godsend”

“Before I took Christine’s Website Without Worry class, I was ashamed to give my URL to anyone. Earlier this year, I’d built a website with a do-it-yourself company.  The website was ok, but I wanted a more professional design. 

A web designer designed a site for me.  Once done, the design was beautiful.  She promised to transfer all of my content from my previous site onto the new one, but that didn’t happen.  The way the content looked on the new site was so embarrassing.  Size 22 font and size 10 font in the same paragraph, headers on the paragraphs so small and the text within the paragraphs so big, it looked like a clown show advertisement.

I hired someone else to fix the problems, they fixed the font sizes on two pages, but didn’t complete the rest of the agreed upon changes. Seeing that I was clueless when it came to web technology, and web coding to me was like a 4 letter word, I felt trapped. All in all, I’d spent close to $1000.00 and had done a lot of silent, !@#?**.

Within the first two classes of Website Without Worry, I felt empowered to add some of the text that was missing from the site.  Guess what happened after the third class?  I was able to cut and paste code into the HTML section of the pages, integrate the rest of my pictures and add some cool new social media buttons!  Christine was prompt in answering every question.  She was very patient; no question that I asked was too moronic.  For a non-techie like me, that was important.

Christine’s Website Without Worry Course was a Godsend.  Being an author, my writing as well as my advertisement must be polished and professional.  I was ashamed to add my website to any writing organization directories.  Now I love for my loyal and new readers to visit my site.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christine! You over-delivered.  I am so grateful for your Website Without Worry Class!”

Alicia Singleton
Award Winning Suspense Author

“I Obtained Clear Focus, Began Growing My List, Launched a Book and Revamped My Package Offerings”

“Before I began private coaching with Christine, I had a lot of questions regarding strategy and pricing. It was hard for me to focus — should I coach more, or write more? Should I market through Facebook or Twitter or something else? The choices were overwhelming.

Thanks to Christine’s coaching, I obtained clear focus, began growing my list, launched a book and revamped my package offerings. I highly recommend Christine for providing business strategy and clarity in my business. Personally, I value her calm ways, her total reliability and her consistent support.

Christine’s knowledge base was important when I signed on with her, of course. But I think what was most valuable of all is that Christine showed up to every meeting holding me accountable, providing guidance and suggestions, and really helping me see when I was going off on a tangent. This is invaluable help and not everyone can give it.”

Jillian J. Davis
Joybirds–Be Adventurous, Wake Up to Work You Love

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They were probably exactly where you are now, and look at how QUICKLY and easily they’re getting results and achieving milestones in their businesses today. If they can do it, you can too.

As for my life now…

I went from nowhere to being a sought-after speaker, coach, trainer and go-to leader in my niche in less than 2 years—while still spending every weekend in the summer at the beach and jetting off to Paris for 10 days while my business ran itself…

This at the same time that the economy was the worst it had been in decades.

With Fabienne Fredrickson

My visibility keeps growing and my income keeps increasing…

…and I obtain the majority of my clients and customers without having to leave my house.

Today, I have over 19,000 people in my community and on my email lists with new subscribers signing up every day, I work with just a few fabulous clients, and I make a lot more money than I ever did in a job not so long ago.

Here’s just some of what I’ve been able to enjoy since I began following this system:

The ability to make more income, without having to work harder
Running my business from wherever I happen to be (even the beach!)
Investing in furthering my own education via mentors and events
Being able to spend every weekend in the summer at the shore
The ability to give back to causes I feel strongly about
Knowing I will be able to be home with my future little ones when the time comes

But…you might be wondering…why learn from ME? Or… “That’s nice that it worked for YOUR business, Christine–but what about MINE?”

Well, I am living proof that these techniques and strategies REALLY WORK. I’ve taken action and implemented EVERYTHING that you’ll be learning from me many times over. I went from literally nothing—to the enjoyable and profitable business I have today. My business is on track to only grow more—more than doubling the amount that I made just last year! Again, not trying to boast, it’s just that it is important to me for you to realize that this is real-world, practical information and teachings—not some pie in the sky theory or get-rich-quick scheme. (Hallelujah!!)

And if you don’t believe that these results can be replicated by others OR yourself, I am here to tell you (gently and with love!) that you would be WRONG.

With nephew Jonathan

I’ve been where you are (and my clients and students were there too) and I understand things can seem like a struggle. But I’ll be handing you a step-by-step system AND walking you through it in an easy-to-understand style. (Something people tell me repeatedly I do really well. :) )

You don’t have to figure this all out on your own.

I’ve become a go-to leader in the area of online and social media marketing for solopreneurs, which is why people are eager to work with me one-on-one, and organizations and individuals are always asking me to speak to their groups about these topics.

Personally, I learn best when I am given everything step-by-step, which is why I am giving you everything you need in this training course—worksheets, templates, examples, scripts and more. As I always say, why reinvent the wheel?

I’ll give you what you need during this intensive training program (including going WAY beyond the “what” and the “why” and deep into the exact “HOW”)—all you have to do is take ACTION on what you’ll learn (I’ll be there every step of the way with you).

Think about this…what kind of difference would it make in your business and in your LIFE to enjoy consistent $10,000 + months, every month? Or heck, even just bring in an extra $5000 more each month? How would that change not only your life, but the life of your loved ones?

Guess what?

Spending time with niece Emily

You can have it.

In this brand-new home study system, I will lead you through the strategies, systems and techniques that I still use EVERY DAY to run a freedom-based business that I LOVE.

What this means for you is, you get the BEST of me helping YOU grow your business and get BIG results! It’s my honor to work with you this way!

Think of it as boot camp for your business! There is NO other program out there like this, anywhere. Guaranteed. And in case you were wondering, you don’t have to just take MY word for it. Here is just some of what my amazing clients and students have to say about working with me…

“Christine Has a True Gift as a Coach”

“Christine Gallagher is a social media savant! I enrolled in her coaching and she truly brought out my “inner geek!” My goal in enrolling with Christine’s was to navigate the waters of social media without hitting a brick wall. I began with a tidal wave of questions and a thousand possible directions to take, and Christine sorted them all out with me and we attacked each goal together methodically and skillfully.

We accomplished what could have literally taken years of frustration in one single month. Her directions were clear and easy to execute and her follow up was like magic! Now I have a folder in my inbox with her name on it and I use it as a reference as I address any issues I have questions on. Even when my inbox is bursting, I am thrilled when her newsletter comes. I swear she is writing them just for me! They are like little to-do lists that keep me on top of my Twitter, updated in LinkedIn, connected to my blog and of course friended and fanned in Facebook!

Christine has a true gift as a coach and she has continued to support me with targeted questions and snippets of info when I get stuck. She absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way and I have happily recommended her to friends and colleagues and every one of them is singing her praises too!

And yes, it is worth it! Social media is a great marketing strategy that keeps me in front of potential clients who see me as an expert and a resource. This is relationship marketing at its best, it has definitely generated business and is time well spent when you get great guidance from the beginning.”

Leslie McKee
McKee Organizing Services

“Coaching with Christine was the Best Investment
I’ve Made in My Business in a Very, Very Long Time”

“I confess. I was an avowed skeptic of “social media” who found the geek-speak of many of its’ bloggers and other advocates challenging, at best. Coaching with Christine exceeded my wildest expectations.

She thoroughly and promptly responded to all my rambling questions, concerns and confusions about which social media venues would work best for me, and in crystal clear language, walked me through precisely what I needed to do to explore this brave new world. She knows her stuff, and she’s able to communicate that knowledge for the benefit of her clients better than anyone I’ve seen. Coaching with Christine was the best investment I’ve made in my business and in my own growth and development in a very, very long time.”

Jackie Jordan-Davis
Workplace Coaches, LLC

“One of the Most Important Business
Decisions I’ve Made to Date”

“Working with Christine Gallagher has been one of the most important business decisions I’ve made to date. Like many new business owners I had a lot to manage with coaching my clients and running a business. Having spent years in the sales and marketing world I knew face to face marketing but Social Media Marketing was completely new to me.

I hired Christine for private coaching sessions because I quickly learned she was the “go to” person in her field. Not only did I learn the intricate details of social media marketing but Christine connected me to amazing women in business and resources that would help skyrocket my business. Within a very short period of time I was networking with amazing women, marketing my business outside of my own backyard and gaining the confidence to allow my business to start marketing itself even more.

Christine is phenomenal at knowing who to connect you to and how to help you master social media. After every session Christine gave me the tools to propel my business and allow me to relax into what I was doing. She teaches simple ACTION steps that lead to results nearly immediately. She is a fabulous blend of a Relationship Marketing Coach and Social Media Master. Anyone looking to expand their business in the world of social media simply needs to work with Christine!”

Jeannie Spiro
Job Exit Strategist, Business, Marketing and Entrepreneur Coach

“I Always and Highly Recommend Christine!”

“Christine has a gift in taking the technical aspects of marketing online and making them not just easy to understand but also easy to implement, even if you’re brand new to the online business world. She’s coached, consulted and collaborated with fantastic results for more clients and colleagues of mine than I can count. I always and highly recommend Christine!”

Alicia Forest
Client Abundance

Isn’t it YOUR turn and YOUR time to finally get the clients, the recognition, and the peace of mind that consistent cash flow brings?


In this transformative, step-by-step training program, you’ll learn all those pieces that have been missing up until now (no more feeling like there must be some secret marketing “society” you haven’t been invited to join!)

In this program, I will share with you EVERYTHING you need to know about leveraging the Internet, getting clients consistently and earning an extra $5,000 to $15,000 or more per month.

Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you’ll discover when you register to join me in this program:

  • How to easily find where your target market hangs out, in large numbers and inexpensively
  • How to answer the question “So, what do you do?” in a way that leaves people dying to know more
  • How to become known as a “problem solver” that people are chomping at the bit to work with
  • How create the type of online presence that draws people to you by clearly communicating who you are, what you are about, and why people should take notice
  • How to discover your own “compelling story” that helps magnetically pull ideal clients and customers to you
  • How to build a simple and effective WordPress blogsite that pulls clients and customers to you–and get it up and running right away
  • How to set up a simple “squeeze” page online to use as a gateway to what you offer and have the leads come pouring in
  • What to absolutely NOT include on your website or blog (Big DON’TS that you’ll want to avoid at all cost!)
  • How to easily analyze your site’s traffic as well as measure the effectiveness of your marketing
  • How to simply and quickly optimize your site for the search engines—without being a tech genius!
  • How to create and include powerful and irresistible “connection questions” on your website that magically PULL ideal clients to you
  • My simple, proven, and step-by-step “plug and play” formula for writing enticing copy and sales pages
  • How to create magnetic headlines and subject lines that keep people reading–without fail
  • My simple formula for gathering authentic and powerful testimonials to increase your credibility–AND your sales
  • How to generate high-quality leads and stop wasting your time on time-wasters and freebie-seekers who’ll never hire or buy from you
  • My simple formula for creating an irresistible free taste that effortlessly pulls in new subscribers
  • How to do keyword research in order to optimize your website for the search engines
  • How to use an email list-building service to send autoresponders and broadcasts
  • How to turn every email you send into one of your most powerful list-building tools
  • Simple copywriting tips to implement that can quickly double your rate of opt-ins
  • The best Twitter and Facebook techniques for growing your list (including how to set up a Facebook Ad campaign)
  • How to approach experts for interviews to get you out there in a big way
  • The top 3 ways to use live events to build your list fast
  • How to use online networking groups and message boards to directly connect to your target market
  • Exactly how to create a great email newsletter that keeps your subscribers engaged AND makes you money
  • How to make sure you keep all those valuable subscribers once you have them! (Hint: the fortune is in the follow-up!)
  • How to use social media to be seen as a credible expert and authority in your field
  • How to start using social media as a way to facilitate relationships with people who might potentially become your clients or customers OR your strategic alliances and joint venture partners
  • My best and most highly-coveted social media time management strategies that will ensure you’ll ONLY need to spend 15 minutes A DAY using it
  • How to create products from the expertise you already have and package them into webinars, audios, ebooks, courses and more
  • How to have a successful product launch and why most people are doing it wrong (“if you build it they will come” does NOT work online!!)
  • Sales “triggers” that turn “lookie-loos” into prospects that are ready and raring to buy
  • How to automatically pre-qualify prospects so you’re not wasting time on non-ideal ones (which can be totally exhausting)
  • How to create programs and packages at different price points (doing this means a lot more sales)
  • Exactly how to close the sale, step-by-step (this is PURE gold!)
  • How to pull it all together and create your grand marketing plan
  • How to find, hire and work successfully with a Virtual Assistant
  • How to have a success and money mindset (if you don’t have the right mindset, you’re not going to take action on the marketing (EVEN if you know what to do!))

As I began thinking about the content I wanted to share with you in this training program, I started looking back over the rapid growth and success I’ve had in the last few short years.

I thought to myself–what are the exact, specific strategies I used to catapult me to the place I am today–enjoying regular, $10,000+ months and standing out as an expert in my field?

I looked in-depth at not only the marketing I was doing, but the tools and resources I was utilizing, and the way I was packaging and pricing my services and programs.

These are the pieces of the puzzle that keep multiplying my income, elevating my status, and filling my pipeline with ideal clients and customers.

And while I’ve taught lots of other webinars and telecourses in the past, I’ve NEVER shared my tools, strategies and systems in such a complete, all-inclusive way as this.

Why? Well, quite frankly, people were telling me what they wanted–Facebook training here, WordPress training over there, list-building in this other course–and I was happily delivering that in response.

At the Eiffel Tower

But I started seeing that people were only dealing with PIECES of the puzzle, only PARTS of the whole, desperately scrambling to fit it all together in a way that made sense for THEIR business. (And sadly, most of the time it WASN’T working.) It became clear that the best, most dramatic results were occurring when I would take my private clients through a concentrated, intense, step-by-step CURRICULUM…essentially the A-Z of building a successful business online.

THIS is what you need.

I’m giving you it all–my very best teachings, my years of experience, my lessons learned (from success AND failures), and all my best marketing secrets. (AND I’ve left out the fluff that you DON’T need to worry about.)

You’ll get everything you need to finally STOP running around in circles and START following a real-deal, proven marketing plan that WORKS! (How refreshing!)

“But Christine, how do I know the Get Clients Online Home Study System will help ME get more clients and make more money?”

I have worked with hundreds of clients in many different fields. If I haven’t worked with someone in your field yet, this may actually be a good thing for you. Why? It might be that others in your field are staying very much “inside the box” when it comes to marketing.

Often, my clients tell me that the strategies I teach them are strategies that none of their colleagues and competitors are using. As a result, they are able to stand out from the crowd and achieve stellar results where the competition falls short.

View of the ocean from my toes

I have to tell you…I am absolutely thrilled to offer this powerful, systematic and logical, step-by-step training with me where I’ll be teaching you the proven, business-transforming strategies and systems that have completely changed not only my life, but the lives of my clients as well.

It’s time to leave your confusion, overwhelm and lack of HOW-TO behind–and get on the road to more clients, more money, and more peace of mind than ever before. (How can you say no to THAT?!)

Oh–and let’s be clear about what this program is NOT:

  • This isn’t “THAT” kind of training. You know, where you get the “what and the why” but only a tiny bit of the “HOW.”
  • Or where you get a ton of “theory” or “make millions on the Internet” hype with with no real concrete, practical information you can take and then run with. (This will be a NO FLUFF zone.)
  • Or where you get ZERO opportunity to get answers to YOUR questions because the person who is actually giving the training would rather not be bothered with requests for advice. (Nope, not in this training.)

Here is what it WILL be:

This program is likely going to be very different than anything you’re used to. Whether you’ve just launched your business or you’ve been at it for years, you are going to be getting everything you need (without any of the stuff you don’t)–a clear, step-by-step plan you can apply and follow in your own business every single day for more clients, customers and cash flow–starting right away.

This is a true HANDS-ON PROGRAM–you’ll get to brainstorm and create your marketing, and I will help teach you how you can get more clients and make more money–all while giving you examples for everything.

It is extremely important to me that I give you exactly that in this training. You will “graduate” this course with your plan in hand. Simple as that.

With Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero at Ali Brown's SHINE

See, I’ve poured everything I have into planning this training–and even invested over $75,000 in my OWN high-level mentoring and training–in order to personally share with you this content and this system that will help propel your business to that elusive “next level.”

Don’t you DESERVE that?

I think that if you’ve read this far, the answer is YES.

In this training program you’ll learn all that you need to finally enjoy not only more credibility and visibility, but more referrals, more raving FANS, and more consistent income than ever before. (Can I get a YEAH!!? :))

“So Much Value for Such an Amazing Price”

“I loved the WordPress webinars, as they really brought everything together! In fact, I was so excited that I had my husband and daughter come up to my office afterwards and I was saying, ‘…and now I can do this, and put this feature on, and look how easy this is to do…’ Very exciting and I can’t wait to get started on building this!! My 19 year old daughter Alanna said, ‘Wow Mom! That is so great that she is giving you guys so much value for such an amazing price!’ So there ya go. From a 19 year old University student who knows as much about Internet marketing and building websites as I do about splitting the atom!

I wanted to thank you again now for everything you taught in your course. It was an absolute pleasure, and again, what I appreciated is that you are very articulate and excellent at teaching what you know! (Now, if I could have just said that about some of my University profs!)”

Ann-Michele Timmerman
AMT International

“Taking This Course Saved Me
Loads of Time and Lots of Money”

“To me, building my own website seemed about as possible as building my own home. I had NO idea what I was doing. I was pretty intimidated by the thought of creating my own site.

Then I enrolled in Christine’s WordPress course. I really enjoyed her teaching approach–it’s easygoing and filled with pertinent information. She explains everything step by step in a way that even someone who’s never attempted building a website can understand. After implementing what I learned in her course, I literally built my own web site in less than a day!

Taking this course saved me loads of time and lots of money that I would have spent paying someone else to do this. Also, now I have the freedom to add/delete/change my site whenever I want. I can sidestep waiting for a web master to fit it into their schedule.

I owe all my knowledge to Christine’s amazing WordPress course!”

Laura Smith
The Breakup Lounge

“The WordPress Course Was Just What I Needed”

“Everything about your website, your course sign-up, your emails, the classes themselves, are TOP notch. I have been in so many training classes and they leave a lot to be desired. Just the fact that you have everyone muted is priceless! (Hope that made you chuckle.) I cannot count how many WebEx conferences I have been in with people hogging the mic, talking over the speaker, etc.

I am a visual/hands on learner and watching how you accomplished tasks in the WordPress course was just what I needed. That is why I enjoy your classes so much; it is very easy to follow along with you and see just how everything is done.

Your classes have been the BEST I have ever attended, and that is the truth.”

Lisa Loyd-Hernandez
Lisa Hernandez Online

“I’m Thrilled with Your Course”

“Thank you again for the wonderful WordPress course. I’ve learned a great deal in just a few short weeks.

I’m thrilled with your course and have recommended you highly to my friends and colleagues!”

Jennifer K. Maulsby
Everyday Philanthropy

“We Launched a New Blog in Record Time”

“Before the course, Tom (my husband/business partner) and I were struggling to find a way to market Tom’s newly released book, Paris Insights – An Anthology. Though we looked at social media as a free source of publicity, we were not convinced of its usefulness as a business tool and were leery of its reputation as a time sink.

However, because of the 6 Steps TAG course, we launched a new blog in record time and got started on Twitter. We also manage our time better on Facebook. Now, we are ready to link all of our social media platforms and implement those links as soon as possible. We are going to use Christine’s advice to create a launch strategy for the Kindle version of Paris Insights – An Anthology. We are also going to explore the possibility of forming strategic partnerships with complementary businesses.

And YES—I would you highly recommend Christine-–without hesitation!”

Monique Wells
Paris Insights

“I Am NOT a Techy Person, and Your Class was Outstanding and Very Easy to Understand”

“I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for your WordPress class!

I have been in business (successfully) for 16 years without a website or blog, but am now realizing that I need a business presence on the web. I am NOT a techy person, and your class was outstanding and very easy to understand (thank you). I am even more aware that I don’t want to do ANY of it initially myself. I’ve hired someone to do it for me, and thanks to your teleclass we will be using WordPress!

I am hoping to learn from this as a ‘beginner’s approach’ and ultimately branch into being a more ‘independent operation.’ Your teleclass enabled me make a more informed decision about my new venture into the cyber world. I am grateful! Thank you!”

Sheila Delson
FREEDomain Concepts, LLC

“Facebook Has Changed Our Business Dramatically.”

“Just wanted to thank you for the information that you delivered on social media. I have been using Facebook 20 minutes a day, and it has changed our business dramatically. We were able to reach many parents of the children we serve in such a short amount of time.”

Adele Saccarelli Cavallaro
Teamwork Wins Ltd.

“OK, Christine, I KNOW I need this. I’m in!
What’s my minimal investment going to be to personally take me step by step through your EXACT 6-figure online business marketing system?”

Because it is a true training program where you can begin making progress right away because of the specific, in-depth strategies I am going to be sharing with you—my very best strategies—I’m sure you can guess that I’m not giving this away.

Now, when I thought about pricing this Home Study System, I thought about the HUGE value you are going to get, and I think I’ve made that clear.

And it comes down to one thing: what is just ONE new client worth to you? Just ONE. Think about that for a second. And think about the testimonials you see on this page and knowing that you’ll most likely get SEVERAL new clients quickly as a result of what you are going to learn from me—and it will be a REPEATABLE process you can implement over and over–I want to ask you: what would that mean to your business? What would that mean to your life? To your family’s life?

What about if you started consistently bringing in more income every month? $3000 more a month, $5000 more…$10,000+ more. Would it be worth $997?

Hmmmm…I think you know the answer to that.

Your investment for the Get Clients Online Home Study System is $997. I know. It’s a STEAL. And you can even take me up on the 5 easy pay installments option.

See, the program pays for itself if you simply follow everything I teach you to do.

Don’t forget…when you finally have the plan and the knowledge and specific how-to to implement it…what you’re REALLY getting is the freedom to have the business you really want, the income you really want, and the lifestyle you really want. (You DO want that, right?)

From there the sky’s the limit.

What is THAT worth to you?

Whether it’s a mom entrepreneur who’s juggling a 6-figure business with 3 kids under age 6, to a seasoned offline entrepreneur who’s ready to leverage the Internet BIG time, to a brand new business owner who knows it’s smart to cut their learning curve by getting experienced guidance from the get-go…

With newest nephew Luke

…my clients and students who have implemented what I’ve taught them have been enjoying incredible results–and I am continually humbled by them and always so proud to help celebrate their success. Hearing about them signing on huge new clients, filling their programs, tripling their lists and reaching income goals they once only dreamed of...it continues to be an amazing ride.

And it’s time to bring it to YOU.

We’re going to have A LOT of fun together.

I am going to be really BOLD here and tell you that can’t afford NOT investing in YOURSELF and the future of your business.

You are investing in your education, and I am going to walk you through the whole entire process. And you don’t want to wait.

See, successful people take action, and they don’t let excuses stop them when they see that something is going to get them the results they are looking for. That is a characteristic of all successful people.

Successful people ALSO know it’s smart to use other people’s SHORTCUTS. They learn from their struggles, and they learn from their successes.

I know making an investment in yourself can sometimes make you feel nervous, especially if it’s your first time doing it, OR if things haven’t succeeded in the past. Spending money on something that will require you to change can make it even more of a concern.

You may be excited on the one hand about the possibilities that are right around the corner for you; but on the other hand you may have lots of fear or doubt coming up that’s trying to stop you in your tracks. Your mind might be telling you “you can’t afford it.” “What is going to make THIS any different than anything else you’ve tried?”

I can tell you from working with dozens and dozens of other entrepreneurs who were once in your shoes that this WILL WORK. My system is proven and as long as you do what I tell you to do and implement consistently, it will work for you.

And there’s really no way you WON’T be able to implement because I will be there by your side the whole entire way. Step by step during the whole training. All you’ll need to do is apply it to your own business.


It works because it is so easy to plug it in.

I’ll guide you through the whole system the entire way.

It’s not me just lecturing to you–it’s going to be hands-on and fun. (And I think you’ll be excited when you see how quickly it really is possible to make back your investment!)

If you thought this would be just another program that just leaves you hanging to do everything on your own, I am happy to say that that is just not the case at all.

We’re in this together!

So why would you wait? This is your opportunity. THIS is the missing link you’ve been waiting to be shown.

Don’t be the person who looks back and says “Darn, I had the chance, and I didn’t take it.”

Take action now. Let go of the fear-based excuses and procrastination (that’s what it is), and join the ranks of 6 figure business owners.

Remember, successful people don’t over-think. They do what they know they NEED to do to create the results they WANT.

But if you’re still unsure…

Check out everything that you get!

1. Set of 12 Webinar Data Discs With 60-90 Minute Training CALLS and WEBINAR VIDEOS Recorded Live With Christine

These training classes will take you step by step through all aspects of growing your business online. Not only will you be getting lots of in-depth training, solid HOW-TO, golden nuggets, and HOT marketing secrets, you’ll also benefit from the open Q&A that took place during each and every training class. Just imagine how valuable a package this will be to have in your own success library for years to come.

Value: $1297

2. Set of 12 Audio CDs of Q&A CALLS Recorded Live With Christine

These Q&A call recordings will be a fantastic resource for you as you listen in to Christine spot-coaching and answering questions from an intimate group of go-getter entrepreneurs. The insights you’ll glean from these Q&A sessions alone are the perfect companion to the in-depth training discs, providing you even more focused learning on a variety of business-building topics. Consider it “Christine Unplugged!”

Value: $597


These resources will help enhance your learning as you work through the curriculum. Get to know others going through the course, set up collaborations and joint ventures, ask for feedback and advice, and get your fill of juicy marketing and business-building information in-between listening to the calls and webinars.

Value: $197

“Cheat Sheets,” Examples and More

These will save you LOTS of time! I’ve chosen my own tools and resources that you need to get fantastic results with all of the content I will be teaching you in this program. These are the tools I’ve used in my business for a long time (they work like a charm!) Each of the templates, scripts, emails, (YES, actual emails of MINE I’ve used successfully) checklists, examples, and more are included as part of your program materials. They will also be great for you to refer time and time again as you continue to grow your business.

Value: $500

5. Action Guide WORKBOOK

I’ve created lots of exercises and worksheets to help you work through the content and implement the steps you’ll be learning to get FAST results. These resources will help bring even more clarity to the material you’ll be learning. I’m sure you’ll be referencing them for a long time after you’ve completed every module of the course. This by itself could sell easily for $1,000 or more.

Value: $1000

Now, consider what else you could spend the SAME amount of money on that WOULDN’T help to make your business successful:

  • A seminar that tells you all about the why and the what, but nothing about the how.
  • Another training course about how to create your own “pretty” website or blog, but that doesn’t teach you how to set it up as a marketing tool.
  • More tools (audios, courses, manuals etc.) that do not teach you a SYSTEM (only piecemeal tactics) and will just take up space on your shelf or your computer that you won’t ever do anything with.

I guarantee you’ll get get results in your business (and I’m so confident about it that I’m giving you a FULL Money Back Guarantee.)

But what if you are still wondering what happens if you don’t like it or if it doesn’t work for you?

My Personal No-Questions-Asked Guarantee!

I am confident that this program is going to work for you and your business. But if you are not 100% thrilled, just contact my team to let us know, and return the material in resalable condition within 60 days of your purchase. We will gladly refund your purchase—no questions asked.

So if for any reason the Get Clients Online Home Study System doesn’t meet your expectations, just email or call my team to cancel within 60 days.

No explanation needed.

That’s my guarantee.

As I am sure you can tell by now, I’m laying everything on the line here in order to make sure you succeed, and succeed FAST. I have no doubt that this program is EXACTLY what you need right now in your business–and your life.


Now, is there really any doubt? It’s truly a no-brainer because I’m assuming all the risks, not you.

I’m ready to rock..are YOU?

Are you ready to take a STAND for your business and for your dreams? Claim your copy of my Get Clients Online Home Study System before it’s sold out. (When they’re gone, they’re gone.)


Which Risk-Free Payment Option Do You Prefer?

Rest assured this transaction is 100% secure and after we receive your information, you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

So, think about where you are in your business RIGHT now.

Are you going to let ANOTHER year go by NOT turning those big dreams you have into reality? Isn’t it finally time to get the PLAN for exactly HOW you are going to take your business to the level you keep fantasizing about in your head?

Are you ready for me to lay out, step-by-step, exactly how I regularly enjoy 5-figure months so that you can take the same strategies and tools and do the same thing in your business too?

I am so ready to share it all with you, and SO excited to help you celebrate YOUR success too!!

Let’s do this!! 🙂

With Success and Love,

Christine Gallagher
Your Relationship Marketing Mentor

P.S. If now isn’t the time for the tide to turn in your business, then when? Do you really want to go on getting lackluster results, doing the same old things and working way too hard? Why settle for that when you could have SO much more…more clients, more money, more freedom–all while doing what you love most in the world? No more excuses…take decisive action right now and register for this business-transforming, income-multiplying program.

P.P.S. If you are still unsure, I understand. After all, this all may be new to you. So, to make you feel as confident as I am, remember, I’m standing 1000% behind this program by offering you a full money-back guarantee. There’s completely NO RISK for you–just everything to GAIN.

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget–this event is 100% tax-deductible (just check with you accountant), so you have nothing to lose.

“I Was Blown Away that You Stayed on the Line Overtime”

“Christine thank you SO much for the value-packed webinar about Facebook tonight. I think I may have to give up saying ‘I’ll never understand Facebook’ because after tonight, it just isn’t true anymore! You crammed information into that 90 minutes and I was blown away that you stayed on the line overtime to make sure all the questions got answered. Can’t wait for the recording and slides! You ROCK!”

Allison Rapp
Feldenkrais for Life

“You Conveyed the Information in a
Way Us Newbies Could Easily Understand”

“That was an amazing session today on social bookmarking. You conveyed the information in a way us newbies could easily understand. Thank you so much!”

Kathy Goughenour
Expert VA Training

“I Now Have the Confidence to Engage
in Social Media to Build My Business”

“Having recently started a new business, I thought there must be marketing potential in social media, but I had no idea where to start, which tools to use, or why I ought to use them.  I had a ‘corporate’ style profile on LinkedIn, but no presence in any other outlet. Basically, I was skeptical and felt that I couldn’t possibly find time to both learn and use the tools.

However, as a result of completing The 6 Steps Take Action Group program, I now have a complete social media presence, integrated through my new blog, and the foundations of a real strategy for my business.  I have 40% more Facebook Fans and brand-new blog subscribers.  Most importantly, I saved time avoiding mistakes and trying to ‘figure it out myself,’ and now have the confidence to engage in social media to build my business.

Going forward, I plan to continue to implement a strategy to build relationships with my target market through social media. I would highly recommend Christine and the 6 Steps TAG program for anyone who needs easy-to-follow, practical guidance on engaging social media to grow their business.”

Patti Whitehouse
The Original Basket Boutique

“Because of Her Course, My Facebook
Account Connections Have Risen by 50 Percent”

“I signed up for Christine’s in-depth 6 Steps TAG course because I was becoming more and more confused by the local, hour-long seminars I was attending that only seemed to touch on social media topics.

Christine answered all my questions and has provided an invaluable course manual for her participants to keep and refer to when they are ready to tackle another marketing tool. Because of her course, my Facebook personal and Fan Page account connections have risen by 50%.

Sue Engler
Engler’s Designer Images

“I Highly Recommend This Course…All the Tools are Given to You!”

“Before Christine’s course I had played around with WordPress having a couple of different blogs. When I got something to work it was luck, not knowledge, that made that happen and I couldn’t have gotten the same outcome again. I had problems understanding the difference between plug-ins and widgets and how to install them. I also didn’t know which ones I needed for my sites to work either!

I have a website where we sell our product. I have to call my webmaster to have things added and changed. Being tired of being held captive by his schedule, I took a small segment of our business to learn how to use WordPress as a static selling site. My plans are for the entire website to be switched over into a WordPress site so I can control it myself.

I highly recommend this course. If you do your homework and want to learn, all the tools are given to you!”

Shawn Snyder
Kidz Fun Media

“I Could Not be More Pleased
with My Return on Investment”

“I kept hearing that my small business should have a blog, but I was paralyzed by the whole concept. What technology should I use? What would I write? Why would anyone care? How can I find the time to research, create, and post my content AND run my business? How do I even get started?

That’s when Christine came to my rescue and took me step by step from “soup to nuts.” Let me share with you what I’ve learned. You may not know these terms now, but that’s the whole point. I didn’t know them either. But, I do now!

I learned: why blogs are important to small business owners, typical reasons we resist them, which blogging platform to use and why, how to use the blogging platform including download, installation, themes, RSS feeds, measurements, plugins, how often to post, creating posts, generating content, and how to make my blog social media friendly which drives traffic between my blog and Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and more.

I have also seen outstanding improvement with my website: my Alexa Ranking has gone from 8,000,000+ to 6,743,344, and my Google search results have gone from a single link on Page 3 to 80% of the links on Page 1 and 1-2 links on Pages 3-10 (that’s where I stopped checking)!

Why is any of this important to me as a small business owner? It helps me build relationships with past/present/future customers, so that when they are ready to purchase my product/service, they know/like/trust me, and they contact me. Because of blogging and social media, I am given the opportunity to win their business.

What small business owner can afford not to learn these tools? What small business owner can afford to learn these tools using trial and error? And, with Christine, I got the heart of a teacher and the head of a social media professional to walk me through it all, step by step. As a result, I could not be more pleased with my return on investment. Thanks, Christine!

Tina Bonifacio
Organized By Tina

“Traffic to Our Blog Has Tripled…
Already it Has Gotten Us a Huge Client!”


“First of all, I wanted to thank you for providing so much great content in such a short period of time. This class was definitely a great investment, and was exactly what I needed.

I have tripled my Twitter followers, gained a bunch of new followers on LinkedIn and Facebook, activity on my Facebook business page is up and traffic to my blog has tripled! Prior to the program I lacked direction in my social media efforts. I never knew where to begin and never had any real strategy.

You have given me a framework to continue to develop my content and I will continue to push out new, relevant content on a timely basis. I have actually missed the last 3 classes as business has been booming. Some of that I can even attribute to the success of our social media presence. I plan on listening to the recordings of the last three classes to see what else I can take away from this program, but already it has been amazing.

As for my sites, I have completely redesigned our existing site to use WordPress with an integrated blog as you recommended in our coaching call, as well as several other suggestions you made. Already, it has gotten us a huge client!

I have been active on both the new blog and our existing blog and have been directing traffic to both through Twitter, LinkedIN, our Facebook Business Page, and my personal Facebook page. We have seen a huge spike in traffic and I have actually had two meetings with new prospects that complimented me on our social media profiles.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wishes to harness the power of social media for their business. Just wanted to thank you once again.”

Frank Bravata
New Millennium Technology Services

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