Who is this for? What if my business is new? What if it is well established?

The strategies taught in Get Clients Online have been tested successfully with online and offline businesses, and with new and established business owners. Newer business owners will get the solid foundation their online business requires to create consistent income, and more established business owners, who may not be maximizing online marketing and social media, will get to fill in the holes in their current marketing to maximize profits.

What is the investment? Are payment plans available?

To join is just one payment of $397 or 2 payments of $248. (Or for VIP level, just one payment of $1697 or 3 payments of $707.)

How long will I have access to the content for?

Your program content access will be life-time and you will also receive life-time access to any UPDATES I do to the content for free (meaning, no need to re-purchase if I change the modules or re-run the program).

What is the VIP upgrade option?

I’m so excited about this option! In the VIP package you get: Everything included in the GCO basic option,
a personalized website audit by me, a personalized social media audit by me, a Bonus FB Live training taught by me, a bonus “How to run your own list building giveaway” training taught by me (the same exact strategy that adds 6k new people to my list in 21 days every year), and six 30 minute 1:1 calls with me!

What is your refund or guarantee policy?

I am 100% committed to supporting you in creating consistent, ever-increasing income and finally making marketing and money-making simple and fast.

That being said…

This is a refund-free zone. Partially because I know that I show up 200% fully and give a million times more value, availability, and support than any other coach out there (trust me, I’ve invested over $150,000 in coaching over the years).

I genuinely put A LOT of time, thought, effort, and planning into knocking the experience out of the park for you.

And so, YOU have to be willing to hold up your end of the deal. Deal? 🙂

Put in the effort, follow through with the system I teach you, and we will create success together.

It’s also partially because I believe in Money Karma and that we must own our buying decisions and actions, recognizing that they impact others beyond just ourselves. Just as you would not buy food to make dinner, then take the food back when you decide not to eat dinner, you should treat service businesses with the same respect. It’s just good Karma.

How much time will I need to commit to Get Clients Online?

Expect to set aside at least 2 hours per week to work through the content and implement the strategies. (More of course if you’re an overachiever! :-))

When will you offer it again? Why should I sign up right now?

I’m not sure. This is the first time I have taught it live since 2013, as other priorities in the business have taken precedence. Between then and now and it’s only been available as a self-study product, and it remains to be seen if I will be teaching it live again in the future. If you know you would benefit from hand-holding and personal attention in the course, I’d jump on this opportunity now.

When does the program start? And how long does it last?

The 4 classes in the program will be held live via Zoom on March 8th, March 15th, March 22nd, and April 5th at 8pm ET – all Thursdays. However, you get access to all the bonuses and our Facebook community immediately upon purchase.

To do this program, do I need a list ?

Nope! In fact you’ll learn how to do that in depth in this program!

What if I still have questions?

Shoot me an email at ceocg@shesgotclients.com – I’ll answer personally! Or, if you prefer, you can message me on facebook at http://facebook.com/christinegallagher – that’s my personal profile and I’m very accessable there as well.

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