Our two signature events are your opportunity to enjoy step-by-step content, interactive exercises, exclusive resources, actionable takeaways, and networking in a fun + immersive environment.

There’s nothing like being there live. Our events are carefully designed to offer you a transformative, life-changing experience. You will come away ready to take big, bold action and serve many more people with your passions, talents and offerings.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • You’ll get powerful information on what’s working now to grow your income and your confidence
  • You’ll understand exactly WHO you are most meant to serve, and how to reach them in much larger numbers
  • You’ll create new friendships, collaborations, and strategic alliances to help move your business forward
  • You’ll emerge re-inspired, focused, and ready to jump into fierce action!

Our signature events are:

“Christine and team, thank you for making my experience at your event a transformational moment. I got clear on what it’s going to take for me to take my business to the next level and ‘get out there in a BIG way!’

Since the event, I’ve taken on more clients within a couple of months of starting than I had in the previous six months on my own, my email list has nearly doubled and I am working smarter, delegating more to my Virtual Assistant. It feels great to be in fierce action.”

Michele Welch
The Edge Code

“Christine, I have moved forward so much since meeting you at your workshop last November. On the first wonderful day of the event I had had several aha moments already. I am so happy I made it from the UK.

You inspired and motivated me and I thank you sincerely.”

Sue Worthington
Get Social For Business

“Christine, you really helped me be more confident and I know that I radiate that out more than ever to my clients! Thank you.

The event was a springboard that got me fired up again about my business. I found that a lot of business owners had similar issues that I had, so I didn’t feel so alone! That in itself helped me to gain more confidence about myself and inspired me to keep moving forward with new services and ways to thrill my clients (and potential clients).

Karen Brand
Wings of the Sun

Have questions about which event is right for you?

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