“At Last, Coaching That’s Built

Around YOUR Busy Schedule!”


Christine Gallagher, MLS, MSIS
The Online and Social Media Marketing Success Coach

Dear Fellow Busy Business Owner,

I’m wondering…

Have you been looking at hiring a coach but setting up times to meet in person or even over the phone has been almost impossible to do?

I can relate, as I find it extremely challenging to find the time to talk to my own coach with both of our busy schedules!

That’s why I’ve decided to create a perfect solution just for you…

It’s a brand new program, created just for busy business owners like you…


The Communicate Value
E-Coaching Program

I know how busy you are, so let’s get right to the benefits of what you will get:

1. Private e-coaching from me built around YOUR schedule.
2. You can send me as many questions as you’d like each week about building your business–from strategic to nuts and bolts questions.
3. You will get a response from me within 48 hours; typically the same day.
4. One on one coaching from me for less than half of my monthly coaching fee.
5. Just-in-time help and clarification once you take action on what we’ve discussed through your coaching.
6. A written record of all of your most pressing questions and their answers.

Here’s what others had to say about working with me…


leslie cropChristine Gallagher is a social media savant!  I enrolled in her one month e-coaching and she truly brought out my “inner geek!”  My goal in enrolling in Christine’s program was to navigate the waters of social media without hitting a brick wall.  I began with a tidal wave of questions and a thousand possible directions to take, and Christine sorted them all out with me and we attacked each goal together methodically and skillfully. We accomplished what could have literally taken years of frustration in one single month.  Her directions were clear and easy to execute and her follow up was like magic!  Now I have a folder in my inbox with her name on it and I use it as a reference as I address any issues I have questions on.  Even when my inbox is bursting, I am thrilled when her newsletter comes.  I swear she is writing them just for me!  They are like little to-do lists that keep me on top of my Twitter, updated in LinkedIn, connected to my blog and of course friended and fanned in Facebook! 

Christine has a true gift as a coach and she has continued to support me with targeted questions and snippets of info when I get stuck.  She absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way and I have happily recommended her to friends and colleagues and every one of them is singing her praises too!

And yes, it is worth it!  Social media is a great marketing strategy that keeps me in front of potential clients who see me as an expert and a resource.  This is relationship marketing at its best, it has definitely generated business and is time well spent when you get great guidance from the beginning.

–Leslie McKee, Certified Professional Organizer and Certified Family Manager Coach, http://www.mckeeos.com

tom-volkar-testimonial-pic“Christine knows her way around the complex world of social media marketing. In order to leverage your profiles and connections to the fullest, hire Christine. Her consulting sheds light on many available options so you can choose the social media path that makes the most sense for your business. I fully intend on learning more from Christine, so I may continue to seize opportunities in the most leveraged way.”

–Tom Volkar, Business Start-up Coach, http://www.coreu.com

Traci Bisson“Christine recently gave a Webinar on Facebook for Business to our group of mom entrepreneurs and other business professionals. Christine has a thorough understanding of the subject and was able to explain very clearly to our group how to set up Facebook in order to grow a community, build relationships and conduct business.

We experienced unexpected technological difficulties on the call. Christine was very prepared and was able to work around these issues with no problems. She truly is a professional presenter. She offered handouts prior to the call as well as an informative PowerPoint presentation, which was also offered to attendees after the Webinar.

I highly recommend her as a presenter as well as her services for companies and organizations looking to increase their exposure and conduct business online using Facebook.”

–Traci Bisson, Owner and Founder of The Mom Entrepreneur, http://www.themomentrepreneur.com

Sherri_Garrity_testimonial“You add so much clarity to a topic that is so overwhelming for business owners who want to “do” social media but have no idea how or why. So many entrepreneurs struggle with marketing and jump on the latest bandwagon. I’m all about the plan! You have provided context so that they can make smarter use of their time and marketing efforts. Thanks Christine.”

–Sherri Garrity, Chief Corporate Fugitive, www.corporatefugitive.com

sinead-testimonial-pic“Christine opened my eyes to Facebook and Twitter and to eventually starting my own blog site. I had no interest in these things and thought I never would—but her enthusiasm for social media rubbed off on me! I am so glad it did. It has opened up an entire new world for me. I signed up for her e-course and receive her weekly e-zine and I am learning more and more with each issue. She is an expert at showing others the endless possibilities of social media for business.

Her passion for it is contagious I find myself telling everyone all I have learned from Christine. The great thing is, she is so happy to help! I never feel as if I am a burden with my fundamental questions. You can tell she derives pleasure in helping not only me, but anyone interested. She wants people to succeed and she knows inside and out the benefits that online marketing and social media can offer a small business.”

-–Sinead Rider, Blogger, http://motherrunner.com

jen-gleeson-blue-testimonial-pic“Christine is one of those amazing people who’s able to see the possibility inherent in social media and knows how to put it to work. Her terrific e-course opened my eyes to those possibilities and my subsequent work with her has helped me put the methods in place to carry out an effective online marketing strategy.”

–Jennifer Gleeson Blue, Quarterlife Coach, http://gleesonblue.com

dale_carter_testimonial-pic“In her ‘Social Media Simplified’ e-course, Christine does a great job of laying the foundation, explaining why social media is important to the small business owner.  She continually reinforces the idea that it’s all about creating relationships based on providing value to others.  I like Christine’s conversational and easy-to-understand style.  This is not just a dry list of step-by-step instructions.  After each part of the course, I walked away with something new to try out.  Learning about a free Twitter utility has saved me at least 30 minutes a day and also reduced my frustration scanning tweets from 400+ followers.

If you are just getting started using Facebook and Twitter, this e-course will save you many hours of ‘trial and error’ learning.  If you’re already using social media, I guarantee you will learn a few tricks to help you boost your business!”

–Dale Carter, Consultant, http://www.transitionagingparents.com

anthony new pic“What Christine represents is the attitude that the client matters. She teaches and speaks eloquently to her client. She treats the client as if that client is the only client that matters. She examined what I was doing and told me about all the pluses, but also discussed possible minuses while being positive. She is the kind of service provider that I love to work with and think everyone would.”

-Anthony Verna, Trademark and Copyright Attorney, http://www.NYCtrademarks.com

dfrank_web_picapr09“Your e-course is wonderful! So full of useful info for the social media newbie like me. It will be my map for learning my way around Facebook and Twitter. Thorough, friendly and encouraging, every lesson is impressive. And I appreciate the action steps and links to cool tools! Thanks so much, Christine!”

–Darlene Frank, Training Materials Specialist, www.terrifictrainingmaterials.com




E-Coaching is tailored to your specific goals–you decide exactly what we cover and work on for your business. However, if you are feeling overwhelmed and aren’t sure where exactly to start, here is a sampling of some specific areas in social media I can help you with:

  • Identifying the top ways to increase profits in your specific business by leveraging your social media interactions
  • Systematizing your activities and effectively managing your use of social media to get maximum benefits in minimum time
  • Designing a social media marketing strategy that continuously drives traffic to your website, positions you as an expert and pulls in new clients and customers
  • Cutting through the overwhelming amount of choices that exist to find the specific tools that will benefit your business
  • Striking an effective balance between promoting and being authentic while using social networking
  • Making sense of Twitter lingo so you can communicate effectively, establish credibility and “tweet” like a pro
  • Building relationships with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for joint venture and strategic alliance opportunities
  • Increasing your visibility and exposure with social media to reach your target market
  • Handling privacy concerns so your social media experience is comfortable yet still highly productive

Just as important as your social media strategy is your overall online marketing plan.  No problem! Through our e-coaching I will also help you accomplish:

  • Discovering your unique message, your niche, and what your niche wants
  • Converting the visitors of your website into prospects who are hungry for your services or products
  • Implementing powerful strategies for building your list of email subscribers
  • Writing powerful copy to increase response and boost your sales
  • Using an e-zine effectively to build trust and strengthen your relationships with potential clients and customers
  • Holding teleseminars and creating information products for additional streams of income and greater cash flow
  • Starting a blog to increase your search engine rankings and attract more business
  • and so much more…

Christine I’m ready!  How do we get started?

1. Check out the coaching options listed below
2. Click the Start Coaching button for the option of your choice
3. Follow the instructions for purchasing your coaching session(s)
4. Your e-coaching starts the day you sign up, so start sending in those questions!

Your e-Coaching Options:

Accelerated Success: One month of e-Coaching sessions

During one full month, you can ask as many questions as you need answered–from your tough technical questions to direction on exactly what to do next in your marketing.

Note: This option is best suited to nuts-and-bolts type questions or for coaching around a specific project. To work on more strategic planning, I recommend the Leap Forward e-Coaching package below.

Click the “Start Coaching” button below to activate your one month of Accelerated Success e-coaching sessions.

Accelerated Success e-Coaching Spots Currently Available: 10

One Accelerated Success Session
$150 for 1 month


Leap Forward: Three months of e-Coaching sessions

Three months of e-coaching allows time to jump-start your marketing and business growth. This program allows time for strategy AND nuts and bolts.

Creating information products, launching your own social network, building your list of email subscribers, setting up joint ventures–all these and much more are topics suitable for the Leap Forward e-Coaching Package.

Save $100 by committing to the leap Forward e-Coaching Package

Click the “Start Coaching” button below to activate Your Breakthrough e-Coaching Package.

Leap Forward e-Coaching Spots Currently Available: 10

Leap Forward Package
$350 for 3 months


Just as I don’t offer refunds for private coaching with me, there are no refunds on any of the above e-coaching packages. The reason is simple–the more committed you are, the more success you will have. ONLY enroll if you’re fully ready to commit to being successful. Your engagement in the program is critical to that success. I’ll help you get going and keep you moving toward your goals, but it’s your responsibility to show up, utilize your sessions, and to take action on what you have learned. Therefore, please note that all registrations are final.

BUT… if you’re ready to commit, then take action now!

If you’re tired of trying to figure everything out on your own and are ready for help as you build your successful business through social media and online marketing, get personal support from me by choosing one of the options above.

Success To You,

Christine Gallagher, MLS, MSIS
The Online and Social Media Marketing Success Coachchristine-gallagher-resized

PS–If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my FREE 5-Part E-Course Social Media Simplified for Small Business Owners and Solopreneurs.



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