Build Your Foundation

What you need…

  • Business-building fundamentals
  • Help navigating the world of marketing online
  • More leads
  • More clients
  • More cash flow, pronto!

You find yourself…

…getting ready for lift-off. You’ve got big plans for your business and you are excited to begin serving as many people as you can with your skills and abilities. You understand that 1) marketing is crucial to your business success; and 2) the Internet provides a great opportunity to not only reach more people that need your help, but to leverage your time and talents as well. However, you’re feeling overwhelmed and lost about where to start. You’re looking for step-by-step guidance on how and when to do what. What you really want is someone to help light your path. Enrolling in a mentoring or coaching program to help you achieve your goals faster can be very beneficial at this stage.

Right now some of the specific things you need to focus on might include:

  • Getting clear on your ideal client
  • Understanding exactly what it is you do for clients (results!)
  • Building a website that sells
  • Knowing how to market effectively
  • Growing an email list
  • Learning how to “close the sale”

Products that will best help you:

Programs that will best support you:

*The Impact Academy requires an application be completed. This is required in order to make sure that the program you have chosen with Christine is the best fit for where you currently are in your business.

If you would like to find out more about which coaching option would best fit your needs, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you ASAP.


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