Begin Your Breakthrough

What you need…

  • More effective marketing
  • Additional streams of income
  • Increased rates
  • Greater visibility
  • More clients

You find yourself…

…growing steadily.  You may still be fine-tuning your niche, marketing message and sales funnel, but you’re now ready to take your business—and your income—to the next level.  It’s time to claim your expert status in the marketplace, implement even more effective marketing, and begin packaging and selling your knowledge—instead of just your time.  Because your business is growing, you’re experiencing some of the common challenges that come along with that growth.  You’re busier, and may even have some fear about your business’ expansion and about getting “out there” in a bigger way.  You know there are aspects of your business you need to adjust if you want to continue to grow—and still have a life! Enrolling in a mentoring or coaching program in order to shortcut your path to success is very important at this stage.

Right now some of the specific things you need to focus on might include:

  • Creating information products and programs
  • Building relationships with Centers of Influence
  • Increasing the size of your email list
  • Revamping your brand
  • Attending live events
  • Speaking more

Products that will best help you:

Programs that will best support you:

*The Impact Academy requires an application be completed. This is required in order to make sure that the program you have chosen with Christine is the best fit for where you currently are in your business.

If you would like to find out more about which coaching option would best fit your needs, fill out the form below and we will get in touch with you ASAP.


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