Christine Works With Clients Primarily Via Her Impact Academy


Currently, where are YOU in your business?

Getting Started…

You’re newer in business and need more leads and more clients. You want to understand how to build a business with online strategies, and need help getting the foundational pieces in place.

You may need guidance around targeting the appropriate market and niche, and what it is about you that sets you apart (your “Unique Selling Proposition.”)

You have big dreams about where you want to go, but just need support to begin mapping out the path to get there.

Ready to Leverage…

You’re getting clients and making sales, but you need to kick it up a notch. You’ve got an online presence but know you could be doing more, especially when it comes to marketing.

You’re ready to branch out and explore additional leveraged streams of income, raise your rates, and step out as a leader in your niche.

You know it’s time to package your expertise through information products and programs and increase the size of your list, but you may need to work on building more confidence and moving past limiting beliefs that might be keeping you stuck.

Multiplying and Expanding…

Your business is growing consistently, and you’re ready to go to six figures and beyond. It’s time to bring on help and delegate more if you haven’t already, and to claim your unique expertise and “celebrity status” in your niche.

You want to create high-ticket products and programs, double your list, systematize your marketing and get your message out in a much bigger way. You’re making a shift towards seeing yourself as the CEO of your company vs. just “self-employed,” but may need to work more on your mindset around money.

Going forward, you’re thinking big, leveraging more, and stepping into your power as a highly successful entrepreneur.

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