More Clients and Clarity Laser Breakthrough Sessions

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Are You Ready for Personalized Help, Quick Answers, and Laser-Focused Strategy That Gets You FAST Results in Your Business–WITHOUT a Long-Term Commitment or a Giant Price Tag?

As an entrepreneur who’s working hard every day to build a business that rewards you with the lifestyle and income you know you deserve, you’re probably longing for a few particular things:

You want to be seen as an expert and go-to leader in your field

You want to create and market products that bring you income month in and month out (even while you’re sleeping)

You want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, gain more credibility, and market yourself and your business with       confidence

You want to generate high-quality leads and stop wasting your time on time-wasters and freebie-seekers who’ll never       hire or buy from you

You want to create powerful joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances

You want to be able to cherry-pick only your best, most ideal clients to work with one on one

You want the ability to make more income…without having to work so darn hard!

If any of this resonates with you, then I am glad you are here on this page. In fact, you may know you’re ready to reach out for help–but you just aren’t looking for a long-term package, program or commitment.

You simply need answers and direction, NOW.

Enter my More Clients and Clarity Laser Breakthrough Sessions…

For a limited time, you can now sign up for a single laser session with me (or a package of 3 at a significant savings) and receive personalized coaching from someone who went from nowhere (no business, no list, no clients, no name recognition, no money) to being a sought-after 6-figure speaker, coach, trainer and go-to leader in their niche in under 3 years.

(Yes, that’s me!)

So…what happens once you sign up? We’ll connect with you right away to get your session scheduled as well as give you more information on how you can best prepare for our time together.

Simply choose from the options below and we’ll be ready to rock!

Which Option Do You Prefer?

Rest assured this transaction is 100% secure and after we receive your information, you will get an electronic receipt and instructions within just a few minutes.

I hope you’ll make this great choice to take action to move your business forward, and I would be so honored to be able to help guide you in this way!

P.S. One more thing: DON’T think about it too long! These spots are only available for a limited time and are bound to sell out quickly.

P.P.S. Want to know how working with me has helped transform the businesses of other entrepreneurs? Here’s what a few others have to say about working with me:

Success Stories From Entrepreneurs Just Like You

“An Incredible Service”

“Thank you so much for providing an amazing laser-focused marketing strategy session by phone. I’ve been such a huge fan/follower of yours!

While we’ve communicated via email, Facebook and Twitter, it was an absolute pleasure to meet you by phone! During the 45 minutes we spoke, you provided me with more value and content than I’ve received in some teleseminar series. From our conversation I was able to amend my pre-launch and launch social media marketing strategy for the Momiverse.com.

Thank you so much for making yourself available and offering such an incredible service. I am forever grateful!

Charmin Calamaris
The Momiverse

“Catapulted Me Directly Into
What I Have Always Endeavored to Do”

“Christine is nothing less than brilliant! My VIP day with her, and subsequent private one on one work, pushed me far beyond my comfort zone and catapulted me directly into what I have always endeavored to do but was too scared to embrace.

Simply put, my intensive work with Christine was the turning point. She patiently guided me, and provided the tough love I needed at the right moment, to finally let go of self-limitations and just leap. Due to “who” Christine is, and her expert guidance, I am now proudly stepping up and out in a much bigger way. Our work together has enabled me to feel safe in the unknown, and as a result, I’m reaching new levels of professional and personal success I never imagined possible…truly! Her ability to see things that others might not, and to firmly guide me is just remarkable.

Christine is so cherished and her creativity is unsurpassed. She has an ability to come up with solutions and construct viable systems out of thin air that just amazes me. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services for anyone genuinely committed to themselves, and to making their business succeed in big way.”

Mandy Bobolia
Founder & Success Maharishi of Your SoulFULL–Success

“Christine Has a True Gift as a Coach”

“Christine Gallagher is a social media savant! I enrolled in her coaching and she truly brought out my “inner geek!” My goal in enrolling with Christine’s was to navigate the waters of social media without hitting a brick wall. I began with a tidal wave of questions and a thousand possible directions to take, and Christine sorted them all out with me and we attacked each goal together methodically and skillfully.

We accomplished what could have literally taken years of frustration in one single month. Her directions were clear and easy to execute and her follow up was like magic! Now I have a folder in my inbox with her name on it and I use it as a reference as I address any issues I have questions on. Even when my inbox is bursting, I am thrilled when her newsletter comes. I swear she is writing them just for me! They are like little to-do lists that keep me on top of my Twitter, updated in LinkedIn, connected to my blog and of course friended and fanned in Facebook!

Christine has a true gift as a coach and she has continued to support me with targeted questions and snippets of info when I get stuck. She absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way and I have happily recommended her to friends and colleagues and every one of them is singing her praises too!

And yes, it is worth it! Social media is a great marketing strategy that keeps me in front of potential clients who see me as an expert and a resource. This is relationship marketing at its best, it has definitely generated business and is time well spent when you get great guidance from the beginning.”

Leslie McKee
McKee Organizing Services

“Coaching with Christine was the Best Investment
I’ve Made in My Business in a Very, Very Long Time”

“I confess. I was an avowed skeptic of “social media” who found the geek-speak of many of its’ bloggers and other advocates challenging, at best. Coaching with Christine exceeded my wildest expectations.

She thoroughly and promptly responded to all my rambling questions, concerns and confusions about which social media venues would work best for me, and in crystal clear language, walked me through precisely what I needed to do to explore this brave new world. She knows her stuff, and she’s able to communicate that knowledge for the benefit of her clients better than anyone I’ve seen. Coaching with Christine was the best investment I’ve made in my business and in my own growth and development in a very, very long time.”

Jackie Jordan-Davis
Workplace Coaches, LLC

“If You Are Interested in Taking the
Expressway to Success, See Christine!”

“When I enrolled in Christine’s Get Clients Online course, I had a Weebly site where I offered administrative services to small business owners. I was interested in growing my business online but most importantly; I wanted to shift my business from administrative services to productivity development. The course lasted 12 weeks and I immediately began implementing the steps she shared with us in each class.

In the course of 12 weeks,

* I launched my new WordPress website, with all the specifications she teaches for attracting clients online.
* I narrowed my niche and identified my target audience.
* I designed my free taste for list building and created strategies to market it effectively.
* I created a strong and consistent social media marketing strategy by following her steps for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, which have become second nature to me now.
* I conducted my first tele-seminar
* I approached a few potential clients that had expressed interest in the past but I was too shy to say “here I am” and offered my services. Consequently, I signed all three of them for my services, Including a client that signed to my VIP service ($1900 value)
* I have begun connecting with colleagues to develop JV and affiliate programs.
* I am currently working on my first webinar and signature program that will launch soon.

Christine’s program gave me the foundation I needed to build my online business the right way. I am certain that I received all the teachings necessary to develop and continue the steady growth to success.

I also learned that consistency is key. You have to allow processes to take their course–do not give up, give it time! Her teaching style, passion for life and determination are extremely contagious. Thank you Christine for steering me in the right direction and motivating me to implement, implement, implement in order to see results!! If you are interested in taking the expressway to success, see Christine! The sky is the limit- THANKS!!!”

Araceli Gonzalez
Be Productive Today

“Nothing Short of Phenomenal”

“My VIP Day with Christine was nothing short of phenomenal! She did some first class myth busting that completely changed my focus for generating revenue and then helped me create a plan for how to implement the ideas that resulted from it. She helped me evaluate my present list-building and marketing efforts and showed me what to keep and what to change to increase their effectiveness.

Best of all, she reassured me that I have a lot of great things already in place and that what I need most is to create a cohesive and comprehensive road map to pull them together for maximum benefit.

The fog has lifted and I can finally see a clear path ahead!

Monique Wells
Getting Over Overwhelm

“I Obtained Clear Focus, Began Growing My List, Launched a Book and Revamped My Package Offerings”

“Before I began private coaching with Christine, I had a lot of questions regarding strategy and pricing. It was hard for me to focus — should I coach more, or write more? Should I market through Facebook or Twitter or something else? The choices were overwhelming.

Thanks to Christine’s coaching, I obtained clear focus, began growing my list, launched a book and revamped my package offerings. I highly recommend Christine for providing business strategy and clarity in my business. Personally, I value her calm ways, her total reliability and her consistent support.

Christine’s knowledge base was important when I signed on with her, of course. But I think what was most valuable of all is that Christine showed up to every meeting holding me accountable, providing guidance and suggestions, and really helping me see when I was going off on a tangent. This is invaluable help and not everyone can give it.”

Jillian J. Davis
Joybirds–Be Adventurous, Wake Up to Work You Love

“One of the Most Important Business
Decisions I’ve Made to Date”

“Working with Christine Gallagher has been one of the most important business decisions I’ve made to date. Like many new business owners I had a lot to manage with coaching my clients and running a business. Having spent years in the sales and marketing world I knew face to face marketing but Social Media Marketing was completely new to me.

I hired Christine for private coaching sessions because I quickly learned she was the “go to” person in her field. Not only did I learn the intricate details of social media marketing but Christine connected me to amazing women in business and resources that would help skyrocket my business. Within a very short period of time I was networking with amazing women, marketing my business outside of my own backyard and gaining the confidence to allow my business to start marketing itself even more.

Christine is phenomenal at knowing who to connect you to and how to help you master social media. After every session Christine gave me the tools to propel my business and allow me to relax into what I was doing. She teaches simple ACTION steps that lead to results nearly immediately. She is a fabulous blend of a Relationship Coach and Social Media Master. Anyone looking to expand their business in the world of social media simply needs to work with Christine!”

Jeannie Spiro
Job Exit Strategist, Business, Marketing and Entrepreneur Coach

“Held Me Accountable, Helped Me Implement
Quickly and Pushed Me Forward”

“Christine is a wonderful coach! Before I worked with her, I was unfocused and confused about my business model, what to offer my clients, what to charge and how to present my services.

Christine helped me get clear about the direction of my business and helped me launch several programs. She was generous enough to give me concrete examples of web copy, sales pages, emails and program descriptions that I could “model” for my business. She saved me a ton of time that I would have spent trying to come up with this content on my own, plus I had real-life examples of her own very compelling marketing material to draw from.

Most importantly, she helped me develop my marketing plans and then held me accountable to all of my actions which helped me implement quickly and pushed me forward. If you’re looking to grow your business in a BIG way, I highly recommend Christine as a coach and mentor!”

Cindy Earl
Get Known Get Clients

“Without Christine, I Would Never
Have Gotten as Far as I Did“

“Before hiring Christine as my coach, I dabbled in Facebook just on a personal level. I knew I needed help to get to the next level, and I knew Christine was the one to get me there. Christine helped me set up my Facebook Fan/Like Page, she helped me set up my Blog, and she attached my Blog to my Facebook Fan/Like Page. Without Christine, I would never have gotten as far as I did.

Many of my clients have told me that they really like reading my tips, I’ve gotten more fans and a client, and I’ve already gotten comments on my Blog. Christine has always been supportive, has taken the time to help me even when we weren’t meeting, and responds to me in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend using Christine as a coach. When I am ready to do even more with social media, I will, without a doubt, be hiring Christine again.”

Barbara Berman
BB’s Clutter Solutions

“Was the Best Thing I Could’ve Ever
Done for My Social Media Efforts”

“Contacting Christine was the best thing I could’ve ever done for my social media efforts. Even though I am a techie and could probably eventually figure it out for myself Christine was my shortcut to the best tools to use, gave me proven shortcuts around the maze of settings and setup screens, and provided the framework & support I needed to get things setup (the right way) quickly and effectively.

I highly recommend her to get you started, amp up what you already have in place, and periodically check-in to make sure you’re up to date with the ever-changing new enhancements.”

Paula Gregorowicz
The Paula G Company

“Traffic to Our Blog Has Tripled…
Already it Has Gotten Us a Huge Client!”


“First of all, I wanted to thank you for providing so much great content in such a short period of time. This class was definitely a great investment, and was exactly what I needed.

I have tripled my Twitter followers, gained a bunch of new followers on LinkedIn and Facebook, activity on my Facebook business page is up and traffic to my blog has tripled! Prior to the program I lacked direction in my social media efforts. I never knew where to begin and never had any real strategy.

You have given me a framework to continue to develop my content and I will continue to push out new, relevant content on a timely basis. I have actually missed the last 3 classes as business has been booming. Some of that I can even attribute to the success of our social media presence. I plan on listening to the recordings of the last three classes to see what else I can take away from this program, but already it has been amazing.

As for my sites, I have completely redesigned our existing site to use WordPress with an integrated blog as you recommended in our coaching call, as well as several other suggestions you made. Already, it has gotten us a huge client!

I have been active on both the new blog and our existing blog and have been directing traffic to both through Twitter, LinkedIN, our Facebook Business Page, and my personal Facebook page. We have seen a huge spike in traffic and I have actually had two meetings with new prospects that complimented me on our social media profiles.

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wishes to harness the power of social media for their business. Just wanted to thank you once again.”

Frank Bravata
New Millennium Technology Services

“I’d Never Done a VIP Day Before and I Was Completely Blown Away”

“I’d never done a VIP Day before and I was completely blown away. Christine read everything I sent. She thoroughly grasped what I wanted to do and we hit the ground running. The best part of working with Christine is that she doesn’t deliver cookie cutter solutions. She intuitively grasped what would be realistic, given where I was coming from.

I am already starting to get results from her suggestions, and I got inspired to do even more.”

Cathy Goodwin, PhD
Online Copywriter and Copywriting Strategist

“You Went Above, and Beyond, My Wildest Expectations”

“Christine, thank you so much for my productive VIP ½ day! What can I say? It ROCKED!!

And, I am so excited! You not only assisted me in focusing on the important aspects of starting my business, you also taught me the importance of, and to better understand, how to use social media. As usual, you shared with me much needed ‘juicy’ information and resources that proved to be quite beneficial.

With all the support and guidance you offered me during our half day together, I now feel more empowered, confident, and better able to move forward in planning, and really ‘zooming in’ on my own unique marketing strategy.

Christine, once again, I appreciate how you helped me to finally be able to find that clear path beyond the thick forest of trees by simplifying social media marketing. This is a path that I am continuing to move forward on. You went above, and beyond, my wildest expectations in providing crucial strategies for online business development.

I do not hesitate for a second to highly recommend you and your services to anyone in need of excellent knowledge and gentle guidance in maneuvering through the technical aspects of, and the training in, social media marketing.”

Susan MacDonald, MA, CAGS, LMHC
Life Transition Coach

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