Have you ever heard of this concept? I’ve found it to be true. There are certain things in your business you should be tracking and paying close attention to, in order to bring about more.

This is also one of the areas that seperates the business owners from the “hobby owners.” 😉

Sometimes it’s necessary as the CEO of your company (even if it’s just a one-person operation) to take a good hard look at your numbers, stats and results, in order to continue growing.

My video strategy for this week will give you more details on why this is important and how I’ve done this in my own business.

Here’s how you can get started:

1) Decide on one area you will track in order to get started with this. If you paid close attention to it, what one part of your business would experience the most impact?

2) Make this a regular part of your routine: put it on calendar or delegate and assign to team member to do on a consistent basis, such as a particular day and time every week.

3) Celebrate watching things grow in your business! (They almost certainly will.)

Now, let me hear your thoughts. Do you track any of the things I mentioned in the video? Do you have any other suggestions to share? Let me know below.

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