It makes sense that if you don’t have offers, you don’t make money, right?

Pretty straightforward.

But here’s where things get wonky for most of us who want to scale our services… whether that’s in the area of coaching, healing, mentoring, consulting, wellness or anything else.

Bright shiny marketing objects ABOUND.

Everyone tells you that your priority needs to be lead generation and list building.

“I need to reach more people if I want to scale and add sexy leverage!” 🙂

More numbers, bigger numbers… now, now, now.

People say: “The money is in the list!”

Until others turn around and pooh pooh THAT and say:

“Wrong! The money is in the relationship you have with the list!”

(If we want to get technical… they’re both right.)

And yes of course, leads and people and subscribers are all important in business.

After all, you need folks to buy the stuff, right?

And you certainly can’t scale without buyers, yeah?

But here’s the thing…

In working with hundreds of business owners over the years, I know that one of the toughest things to do is getting clear on what should be prioritized.

Most people end up landing here:

Marketing and leads seem to be the most important things to focus on… especially according to business coaches and gurus.

“So… that must mean the priority is throwing all my energy into launching that podcast that’s been in the back of my mind, right?”

Or that Facebook Group!

Or that YouTube channel!

Or that Summit!

Or that fill-in-the-blank…


Actually… no.

If you don’t want to be running around marketing til you’re blue in the face all the time, jumping from tactic to tactic…

And if you also don’t want to be stuck in launch hell, putting out offer after offer because: “Welp, the money needs to come from somewhere…”

(I used to live there myself, thank you very much.)

And if you also want to cross from high 5 figures into 6 figures, multiple 6, and beyond (you know, the sexy scaling stuff)…

Then you really have only one top priority.

The thing from which all else flows.

Get your offer converting. (One that allows for leverage, ideally.)

Not a zillion offers.

1-3 MAX.

Get it tightened up, that audience dialed in, that messaging right as rain.

Your peeps getting results.

Otherwise… why would manically building an audience or trying to execute a whole bunch of marketing strategies to “get more people in the door” be the priority…

If you’re not consistently selling and delivering an offer that you know consistently gets people results first?

The truth is, you don’t need thousands upon thousands of people to do that.

You much more easily and efficiently call in thousands upon thousands of people ONCE you do that.

And then scaling becomes simplified.

(Besides, do you even have the right team in place to handle tons of people right now?)

See the difference?

Now, you can still be growing your pipeline as you’re getting your offer right.

It just doesn’t have to be via doing ALLLL the things, all at once.

The podcast, summit, Facebook group, ads, interview series, YouTube, Insta, etc. etc.

Pick ONE. (Maybe two, max.)

And please know, this isn’t to make you bad or wrong if you’re doing lots of stuff right now!

Believe me, I get it… it’s so easy to find yourself there.

And if you actually enjoy mixing it up and doing all the things gives you energy… by all means, go for it!

But I wanted to expand your awareness, if you’re sensing there’s a better way.

Or if you’re like me a few years back, craving more simplicity without my focus all divided and scattered all the time.

I’m wondering… are you wanting to make a big income leap in 2021 without spending more of your time… or wasting gobs of time with big launches, endless discovery calls, funnels, or exhausting 1 on 1 work?

I’m going to be working closely and in-depth with a group of established service providers in the new year.

I’ll be showing them how to add $20k-$30k+ in monthly recurring income with a leveraged offer, while cutting their hours in half.

In other words: adding $100k to $300k to your business in the next 12 months in half the time, working with soulmate clients, doing the work you’re best at, without all the marketing stuff you don’t like. 🙂

If you’re open to making things easier, so you can enjoy more of your life outside of your business, more often, while making bank…

…. MESSAGE ME and I’ll send you the next steps.

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