I’d like you to think about something. How much is the most you’ve ever charged for your service? Got that number in mind? Great. Now, put a zero at the end of it. How does that feel? Scary? Exciting? Do you doubt someone would pay “that much” for what you offer? I happen to believe a certain subset of people WILL pay it and I’m sharing WHY in this video.


Just one of the things I help my clients with in my Impact Academy Mastermind is raising their fees with confidence and ease. Enrollment is currently open, and is strictly limited to 18 spots. If you’d like to personally speak with myself and my team to see if it’s the right fit for you, simply head to impactacademymastermind.com to read the information about what’s included in the Mastermind, and click the schedule a call now button right on that page.

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