When it comes to growing your business, building your list, putting out content, or any other marketing activity, entrepreneurs often struggle with feeling “expert enough.”

You may wonder: “How am I credible? Can I really call myself an expert?”

This is a common roadblock that comes up, especially earlier on. I’ve dealt with it and everyone deals with it at some point.

You may think you don’t have a lot of expertise yet, and that may be true, but here are a few ways to reframe this for yourself:

You are an expert and you are credible if you actually have lots of personal experience and success in the area you are helping others in.

Maybe it is something that you did in corporate, or maybe it’s something that you have lots of experience dealing with and helping people with.

That’s one way you can begin establishing credibility.

You can also use the “before and after” scenario method. Were you in your ideal client’s “before” scenario but now you are on the other side?

This would describe my business, because when I started I struggled with getting clients, making money, figuring out marketing, and doing it all. I was lost.

Then I made it my mission to learn as much as I could about marketing, about mindset, and about being a successful business owner.

Now I’m on the other side, and I can show my prospects that the view from here is really, really good.

Another way to lend yourself that credibility is if you have soaked up the knowledge and expertise of other people.

Have you learned a lot from other people who are doing what you want to do? Have you taken lots of courses and read blogs and worked with coaches or whatever the case may be? Have you soaked up and studied the knowledge of other leaders?

We all do this at some level and it’s a way that you can establish credibility. Don’t take that for granted!

Most of all, you have to believe that you are credible, that you have expertise, and that you are able to get people results.

Believe that you are credible, that you have expertise, and that you are able to get people results. Click To Tweet

That’s the bottom line requirement, because if you don’t believe it, why should anyone else believe it or see it?

The good news is, you only need to be a few steps ahead of your audience.

I’m not a genius, I’m just a little further than you are in the journey or on the path.

Now I can look back and say: “I have been where you are and I know what it takes to transform this situation.”

Keep that in mind for yourself, ok? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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