This month’s “Third Thursday” video tip is all about what it means to focus on revenue-generating activities.

I recently attended my friend and colleague’s Monica Shah’s Money 2.0 event, and this was one of the main themes. It is a topic I often coach my clients around, and I thought it was important to create a video about because I see a lot of confusion going on around it!

What are revenue-generating activities? These are activities directly related to you getting a client or bringing in income. Makes sense, right? The problem is, many entrepreneurs are sabotaging their income because they are spending their time on the WRONG things.

Revenue-generating activities do NOT include perfecting your tagline, tweaking your website colors endlessly, frittering hours away on Facebook, or handling all the day-to-day admin in your business.

To find out 9 examples of what revenue-generating activities really are, check out the video above. Then, your “to-do” is to ask yourself what 3 revenue-generating activities you will do tomorrow. Write them down and commit to doing them FIRST thing. Going forward–every day–ask yourself if you are focusing on activities that are directly related to bringing in revenue for you.

The best part? Doing this consistently will move your business and income forward faster than almost anything else.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you guilty of focusing on the wrong things? Please share your experience in the comments below!

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