The doors are NOW OPEN for enrollment in my 12 month Mastermind!

All the details plus the opportunity to schedule a call to chat about it are on this page.

Here’s all you need to do next… make a decision to take action!

If you are tired of going it alone and not getting the results you want, let’s talk!

We have opened up time slots for me and my team to help you map out your top support strategies you need to have in place to hit your goals in 2021.

I’m so excited to discuss what’s keeping you from getting to your goal of a scalable business where you’re finally making more while working less.

Click here for all the details and to schedule a call with us now.

Investing in yourself is the first step to finally ending the exhausting “rollercoaster” cycle in your income by shifting to a more leveraged business model that brings in sales consistently and seamlessly…

… AND, just investing the time in our call shows that you’re WILLING to put yourself out there to get one step closer.

We’ll talk more about that on the call, but for now, here are a few other things we’ll cover:

  • Shifting your business to a model that’s systematized with clear processes and procedures so it’s running like a well-oiled machine – and stops feeling disorganized, disjointed, and so devoid of structure that it’s crazy-making…
  • A simple way to move to creating and selling more high-level, high-ticket programs without having to continue undercharging and undervaluing yourself and your services…
  • Creating a solid sales funnel while developing and promoting your programs with ease and confidence, so you can finally match your income with the value you provide, create more flexibility and freedom, and uplevel your marketing knowledge to consistently attract and convert a much wider audience…
  • Never waste time and money on courses that don’t move the needle in your business again, and instead be part of an IMPLEMENTATION-FOCUSED program that provides a step-by-step plan to build and grow your business by keeping you in ACTION…
  • Consistently creating more results in less time – because you are constantly held accountable, inspired, and supported – every step of the way

Now look, I know maybe you’ve felt, at one point or another, like you’ll be stuck at a certain income level forever.

You might have said to yourself, “Maybe I’m just not meant to grow my business beyond 6 figures or multiple 6 figures.”

But, imagine how much easier it would be if…

You didn’t have to leave things up to chance, hoping you’ll somehow figure things out on your own…

IF there was an easy and simpler way to scale your business the smart way, without feeling like you’re still doing way too much yourself and staying stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel…

How would THAT make you feel about packaging your services into leveraged online offers so you can create a truly leveraged business and create more time and money?

That’s what we’re gonna talk about on our call.

Click here for all the details and to schedule a call with us now.

(Oh, and when you join the Mastermind this week, I’ll take $5000 off your investment and I’ll also throw in a bonus done-for-you tech package.)

Can’t wait!

With Love,


P.S. Don’t take my word for it, check out what some of my clients have to say about our work together 🙂

“While working with Christine, I made the most money I have ever made in one marketing event! From one webinar with a small amount of registrants, I made over $16K. That was HUGE! Hire her – you will not regret it and you will go further than you expect with her help.” – Amy Lundberg, Fitness Trainer and Intuitive Coach

“As a direct result of coaching with Christine in her Mastermind, I had my first $33K DAY in my business. I can say this confidently based on my personal experience with coaches, she is one of the best.” – Marilee Tolen, Holistic RN and Marketing Expert

“As a result of coaching with Christine in her Mastermind, I tripled my income and I have regained clarity of what I want. I’m more confident, and back in touch with my core values.” – Lisa Olinda, World Class Executive Assistant

Leadership Coach and Vet Practice Owner Jeni Waeltz shares: “I literally started with Christine in the Mastermind with one coaching client bringing in just $1,500 into my business to have now grown two businesses to be over $400K within the last year.” Click below to watch!

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