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Honestly, the biggest issue for most business owners is they just don’t know exactly what “to do’s” to focus on to grow their cash flow and scale their business without working harder.

The growth and expansion of a business really comes down to 4 laser-focused steps (you might be able to skip some of these depending on where you’re at in business):

Step #1 – Cash Injection

This is the process of injecting cash fast into your business so that you can pay yourself, have money to put towards your business and marketing, can re-invest into additional action steps, and overall, just feel really good about your profit margins.

Whether you are new or established in business, I always start with Cash Injection Campaigns so that you can experience a big influx of cash in short periods of time (as a matter of fact, my Cash Injection Campaign technique is what my Special Offer is all about – click here if you want the details on when that goes live).

Step #2 – Grow Your List

A Cash Injection Campaign will just give you a boost of cash in the short term. That’s awesome for giving your business some breathing room, however, you must also think about the long-term sustainability of the business.

That’s where a mailing list comes crucial. When you have a list, that becomes free traffic that you own that you can tap into at any point in time. (If you’ve ever wondered why people say “the money is in the list,” this is it. Your list = free traffic!)

Your mailing list is free traffic that you own that you can tap into at any point in time Share on X

Step #3 – Create Income From Your List

Once you’ve built the list, it’s time to take advantage of it to generate some more cash flow. The truth is, this is as simple as creating a paid offer and emailing the list to tell them about it. 

Take these 3 steps and then rinse and repeat over and over again until you have your cash flow where you want it to be… at a place where it is reliable, consistent, and guaranteed.

Then, once you’re at a point where you don’t have to stress about money anymore, you start shifting to scaling: A.K.A., “how you can make more money with less effort.”

Step #4 – Scale Your Business

This step is all about focusing on the 3 key areas that enable you to expand your income without adding more work to your plate. This is the stage when you MUST throw out the “hustle and grind” mentality and start thinking and working SMARTER. 

These 3 key areas are: Leveraged Offers, Automated Marketing, and Systems for Delegation. 

With these 3 things in place, you will be able to welcome in windfalls of new clients without becoming burnt out and exhausted. 

These are the ONLY 4 focused action steps you truly need to grow and expand any business. Forget everything else.

I hope that helps and makes your next steps clear. If you have any questions for me about it, please let me know. 🙂

P.S. The Cash Injection Campaigns I mentioned in Step #1 are a secret technique of mine that I use to make me and my clients a lot of money in short periods of time… with no sales page, no launch, no marketing funnel, and no technology required.

With this technique…

  • I brought in 14k with just 3 emails… then 7k with 1 phone call… then 9k with one 30 minute talk…
  • My client Carol Ann brought in 6k with just 3 emails…
  • My client Lisa brought in 12k with just one 30 minute phone call…
  • My client Lori brought in 9k in just a few days with 1 simple rinse-and-repeat template…

In fact, on average the VIP and Mastermind clients who I teach this technique to are making $8000 within just 2 weeks of beginning our work together.

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