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Getting clients and keeping your pipeline full isn’t rocket science. I promise. 🙂

What it is is a systematic 3-step process that you simply implement consistently.

Here’s exactly how it works:

1. Lead Generation

Every client was once a prospect of course. This is where it all starts, but where do these prospects come from?

It’s all about generating leads, and doing it on a regular basis.

Regular does not mean only when you have a dip in clients and income. What’s that saying about digging your well when you’re thirsty? Yeah, that.

There are countless ways to generate new leads, but here are just a few methods:

• Networking
• Speaking
• Email Newsletter
• Preview call
• Email campaign
• Referral
• Past/current clients
• Joint ventures

2. Discovery Sessions

Also known as Get Acquainted calls or sessions, most service-based business owners “close the sale” via this method. These are usually one on one conversations with prospects, the purpose of which is to bring them to a decision point: that they need what you have.

3. Offer

Once you’ve gotten into a conversation with a potential client and established a need, it’s time offer them your awesome services (and/or products). Depending on your business, this can be anything from one on one work together, to group programs, strategy sessions or VIP Days.

If you’re not currently offering ways for people to work with you outside of one on one, I strongly encourage you to branch out, which is also what I advise my students in my Impact Academy.

It’s human nature to want multiple and varied options, so consider adding different kinds of programs and income streams to the mix to serve your clients (and your bottom line) even better.

Follow these 3 steps and you’ll never have a shortage of clients again. (After all, feast and famine is NO fun!)

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