savvycallheadlineezineDo you ever wonder what highly successful business owners are doing that keeps their income (AND their influence) growing year after year?

Do you ever sit on the outside looking in at others who consistently launch new offers, run great programs, hold amazing workshops… and wonder how they do it?

Do you ever wish you could take a peek behind the curtain and get the REAL scoop on the strategies these high-achieving folks use to fuel their growth?

If you’re a smart, skilled entrepreneur who feels that the truly THRIVING business you want is just out of reach, you’ll want to join me for this upcoming complimentary call.

Yep, you’re invited to join a frank discussion and training with me and my Business Manager Dawn Goldberg on May 15th. It’s called:


“What Savvy Entrepreneurs Know: 5 Essential Keys to Guarantee Financial Growth This Year”
with Relationship Marketing Mentor Christine Gallagher
Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 8pm Eastern
Learn more and secure your spot now


On this one-time call, you’ll learn:

* How to never again have to feel like you’re just “winging it” with marketing in your business

* How to avoid the “lone ranger syndrome” that keeps so many of us from reaching our full potential

* The top 5 ways we limit our growth by getting in our own way (many times this is ALL subconscious!)

* Why you need to consistently “keep your tank full” in your business-AND the easiest way to do this

* Details on the IMPACT Mastermind program and how you can join this exciting and empowering group for its Spring 2013 launch

…and a lot more.

Trust me, you’ll want to be there.

All you have to do is click here to reserve your spot and join us. I’m so looking forward to having you there with me!

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