When it comes to money, there is a sweet spot between the two extremes: ignoring it completely and over-analyzing it to death.

The truth is, successful entrepreneurs make numbers their friends, and they always know what they’re making.

You should too.

What trips us up is the money chaos that many of us find ourselves swimming in, sometimes for years on end.

The problem with that is that money does not land in chaos.


Chaos tells the Universe that you’re not ready for it. You’re not ready for more.

Fortunately, you can clean it up with a little focus and determination. Here’s how.

First, become aware of your Money Consciousness.

It starts with asking yourself some questions: how did your family talk about money when you were growing up? What was money like for your family and for you? What did your parents do with the money they did bring in?

Delve into this story you may have inherited. You can journal about it, talk about it with a trusted friend or mentor, or simply compassionately recognize how this story may still be affecting you today.

How does that story affect your business? How could you create a new story that serves you better?

It’s never too late, you can always write a new story.

Second, don’t always be looking for cheap, or for a break, or for free. That money consciousness affects your success immensely.

You can’t focus on abundance and wealth when you are focused on scarcity and lack.

Your income, your life, and your results are a product of your thoughts.

Are you too focused on penny pinching that you are missing the thousands of dollars that are right under your nose?

You can’t achieve wealth spending your time always looking for the cheapest thing, cutting coupons all the time, or living in fear about the amount of money you have in the bank.

It’s your desired outcome you must stay focused on.

Third, pinpoint the specific areas of your life where you’re letting money chaos reign.

For example, do you know when your bills come in and do you pay them on time? Do you know how much is on your credit cards? Do you know how much is in your bank accounts? Do you owe people money?

Finally, if you’re not making the kind of money you want right now, ask yourself a question:

What do I need to do to get the numbers where I want them?

This question, which appears incredibly simple on the surface, is actually magic.

The problem is, most business owners never ask it.

But when you dig into this, the answers are all within your reach. And there’s nothing chaotic about that.

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