A couple of years ago, I decided to do something dramatically different in my business: I stopped putting equal effort and time into marketing everything, and I put more focus and effort into where the majority of my revenue was coming from.

On the surface it sounds logical, right?

Well, logical doesn’t always mean easy, and I had made my life very difficult by being busy, busy, busy – without the increased income to show for it. (Considering how darn hard I was working!)

It wasn’t until I looked closely at the numbers to see what was bringing in the most revenue, that I realized that I needed to focus much more on those activities.

The fact is, you need to spend the majority of your time on revenue generating activities if you want to continue growing and scaling your business.

Spend the majority of your time on revenue generating activities to grow and scale your business. Share on X

(If you aren’t totally clear on what those are, I share several specific examples of “RGAs” in my video.)

The rule guiding the shift I made around this is the perfect measuring stick for making sure you’re doing more of what brings you the most income, starting now.

And yep, that means you’ll start upping your cash flow, right NOW.

So worth it.

Check it out above, and in the comments let me know what you think. Is it time to look closer at the numbers? Are you overly “busy” without the cash flow to show for it? I hope these pointers help you get clarity around where your focus should be!

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