At my recent Inside Out Retreat, one of the things we focused on was how to be BRAVE as an entrepreneur, even when we’re WAY out of our comfort zone.

Over the years I’ve noticed that many business owners get tripped up when they need to ask for the business – including asking for referrals.

Will they think I’m bugging them?

Why should they want to help me?

I just don’t know HOW to ask them to refer clients to me…

Sound familiar?

I’ve got you covered in this week’s video strategy, because I’m teaching you how to directly ask, without feeling cheesy.

Plus, I also share how to systematize it so you stay in front of your market consistently.

Don’t underestimate the importance and power of educating your best “unpaid sales force” – most people who are your “personal advocates” will be happy to help.

Don’t underestimate the importance and power of educating your best unpaid sales force for referrals Click To Tweet

Advocates know, like, trust, love and want the best for us.

See, people love to refer, but they need clarity on the what, who and how! It’s OUR job to educate them.

There is a way to tastefully ask for referrals without feeling like you are burdening or bothering people. Watch the video, and know this: there is so much money on the table for you to grab right now IF you put these strategies into place!

Let me know in the comments if these suggestions helped you, and any other questions you have about generating lucrative referrals.

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