I was talking to one of my Mastermind clients who’s a talented coach recently… who already has $100k booked for the year. (Yes, 2021.)

Talk about a “woohoo!”

This is very different than her past experience in her business, which used to look like this:

Spending weeks and even months preparing to launch a program and building her list, only to have very few people sign up… after she’d poured her heart and soul into the content, and written marketing sequences out the wazoo.

Because that left her scrambling to figure out where the money was going to come from to hit her goal for the month, she hustled to create yet another program fast… but shorter in length and at a lower price point, thinking it would be easier for more people to say “yes” to.

Except not many people sign up for that, and she finds herself back at square one.

Now, she was making a decent income for the year when all was said and done… but she was working really, really hard reinventing the wheel.

And… things just weren’t fun anymore…. especially because deep down she knew she had the potential for SO much more.

(Note: this is SUPER common and I’ve heard this scenario from more clients than I can count.)

Fast forward to now…

Yes, it’s only January, and this same client already has 6 figures coming in in 2021… and she knows that money is coming in, whether she “launches” anything else or not.

She’s sold out her ongoing program with ease, without a big launch or a whole bunch of sales calls, to boot.

(Oh, and her program actually includes less 1-on-1 than ever before.)

Best of all, she can relax… and breathe.

She can move forward into this brand new year from a place of spaciousness, energetically.

THIS is the way she always wanted things to be.

So.. what changed?

Maybe you can relate…

When something “doesn’t work,” or an offer doesn’t fly… it’s very easy for us humans to default to:

“Well, I guess I should go create something else.”

A new program, another Masterclass, heck… maybe a shiny new funnel.

Hey, no one bought my $3k thing, so I’ll pull some late nights creating a $300 thing stuffed with “stuff” and bust that out.

But even if you get some takers on that, what happens the next month?

You’re back to wondering how you’re going to hit your money goals, again.

(And when I say money goals… what I mean is the “base” amount you want to consistently have coming in, every month.)

The assumption is… the more offers I put out, the more opportunity I’ll have to hit my goal, because something’s gonna work, right?

Kinda like throwing spaghetti at the wall… some of it will probably stick. 🙂

But it’s pretty exhausting, having to start all over again… again and again… just to maintain a base income every month.

And more offers just seem to create more complication.

Just like your clients know that “quick fixes” are often just a bandaid that doesn’t heal the deeper root of the issue…

Busting out more offers to “quick fix” things and reach your money goal for the month doesn’t serve you OR your peeps.

See, clients invest with you for two main reasons:

You’re creating value that’s satisfying a “want” that they have, or you’re creating value that’s solving a current problem that they have.

The badass coach I mentioned above?

We moved her out of her realllyyy not fun “before” scenario and moved her into her $100k-booked-12-months-in-advance “after” scenario by fixing two things that were off:

One, stripping things down and packaging her brilliance into two main core offers – a no brainer intro offer that gets her clients a quick win they’re thrilled about (very different than a “quick fix,” by the way)… simplified and not over-packed with “stuff…”

And an ongoing offer that the intro offer gracefully feeds into, that allows her to deep dive with her clients and create true transformation… while providing her with recurring income each month. (#PaymentPlans for the win!)

Two, she made these optimal offers to the optimal people, at the optimal time.

Guess what?

You do NOT have to have a ton of offers.

You do NOT have to start from scratch every month.

You probably don’t even have to make a whole bunch of changes.

You simply have to do a little fiddling of your offer so it’s a match for your “who” (a.k.a. your Soulmate clients.)

And… you don’t have to scramble to do a whole bunch of list building, because I guarantee there are already people in your audience who are ready.

A little tweaking will call them forward.

Don’t want to reinvent the wheel, wondering how you’ll get that “base” income every month?

Want money in the door, right now?

The clients are already here when you have the right offer.

When you understand what your peeps really, really desire.

And no, the answer isn’t lowering your price point!

Getting that base taken care of… with anything else on top being gravy… is a sweet place to be. 🙂

(By the way… you don’t even need that many clients to have a starting point of $100k/year.)

Nice, right?

There’s an easier way. I promise.

Come find me on Instagram, send me a DM, and let’s chat more about this.

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