• Are you a creative, spiritual entrepreneur who loves what you do and longs to break the six-figure mark – but is afraid that you’ll have to compromise yourself or what you believe in to do so?
  • Do you know that marketing could help you to get your work out to the world in a bigger way, but worry that you’ll have to manipulate and convince people with hypey sales language that feels inauthentic and does not suit you?

If you answered “yes” to either of these, then please join me at a unique virtual conference, “Six Figure Success without Selling Your Soul.” I will be joining 18 others speakers who are all focused on the soul purpose of helping you really get some things that are absolutely critical to your life and your business:

That success on your own terms is possible.

That your intuition, vision, and creativity more than matter: they are essential.

That you really can get clients and make serious money without compromising yourself or giving up what you value most in your life.

That innovation is key to retooling the economy.

That you can bring all of yourself to what you do, and that in doing so you will actually be far more successful in every way than you would be otherwise.

The line-up for this extraordinary event is too long to include here. And it includes some of the leading voices in soul-inspired, relationship-oriented marketing and business building. This conference is our gift to you, with absolutely no cost–and no selling and pitching, just pure content on every call.

Get the details and secure your seat at the conference here.

I’ll be speaking Thursday, August 25 at 1pm about how I started my business from scratch and built it to 6 figures in less than 3 years. I’ll be sharing exactly the steps I took to break through–and how other solopreneurs can do the same. I look forward to connecting with you more then, and sharing more of my own insider tips and stories!

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