What’s a signature system? It’s simply the process you take your clients through to get them results, laid out step by step in the form of a system.

See, for those of us who sell services, it’s often said that we are “selling the invisible.” We’re great at what we do and our clients get results, but it’s still intangible. (It’s not like we are creating something physical and handing it to people, right?)

A signature system helps make what you do tangible, AND, it’s a great place to start if you are considering creating your own information products.


First, it’s a huge credibility and expert status builder. I experienced this firsthand when I created my own signature system called The 6 Simple Steps to Kick Start Your Social Media Success System.

Second, people love to be handed a plan–something step by step they can follow and implement easily. Packaging this plan as a system is very attractive.

Third, it functions nicely as the cornerstone of your business, as it can lead to other streams such as a signature line of products, training programs, memberships, and your signature talk.

Finally, a signature system leverages you by allowing you to reach a lot more people. A common objection from entrepreneurs around creating a system is that their work is so “custom.” This may be true, but there are still only so many people you can work with one to one. A system “clones” you, AND can be the perfect vehicle to whet someone’s appetite for working with you personally down the road.

Now it’s your turn: if you don’t have your own system already, is there content you have already created and can pull from in order to get started? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Take a look at your previous blog posts and articles, class content you may have created, and more. Then, outline the steps that you take with clients to get them results, organize them into categories and put them in order.

Ta-da! You’re then well on your way to having your own shiny new signature system.

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