Raising your fees doesn’t need to mean you’re greedy or all about money. It actually has more to do with how you are seen and perceived, as well as how seriously your clients take themselves.

The fact is, under-earning is an epidemic among business owners! This is often because there is a lot of baggage that we bring to the table when pricing ourselves: self-doubt, feeling not worthy, fearing whether “anyone will pay it…” and so on.

This week I’m looking at this from a different angle: There are several good reasons to raise your fees, & they don't have anything to do with making more money. Click To Tweet

My question to you after you watch the video: are you a chronic “under-earner?” Do you know you’re priced “too low” but have been afraid to raise your fees? Or, are you charging appropriately now because you’ve realized you were selling yourself short?

I’d love to hear your comments below!

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