With all the noise in our email inboxes every day, especially with all the myriad limited-time offers, sales, promos, etc… I think it’s nice when we can connect with the PERSON behind the biz!

So here goes a bit about me…

12 Facts About Me, Quirks and All:

1. I need to have meaning and purpose in my life, or I’m miserable

2. I had purple hair and a nose ring in high school #soalternative 🙂

3. For better or worse, I’ve always been an anxious person, and work to combat that

4. I have one sibling, a brother who is 5 years younger than me

5. I never felt that any job I had fit me

6. I’m vegan

7. My top value is freedom

8. I’ve been told I’m intuitive

9. I’m a law school dropout (one semester in and I’d had it :-))

10. I waitressed for a few months when I was 20 and was awful at it

11. I was obsessed with Tori Amos for most of my late teens/twenties (saw her in concert over 20 times!)

12. I love champagne

There you have it, short and sweet.

Feel free to comment on this post and share some fun facts of your own with me. 🙂

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