Do you get the nagging feeling you aren’t living your best life?
Do you want to trade the ordinary for the extraordinary?
Are you ready to get MORE out of life?

In There’s More to Life Than This, relationship marketing expert Christine Gallagher provides a clear path for moving our of your undesirable circumstances, and the status quo, and into a fabulously inspired life…a life with infinitely more meaning and fulfillment.

In this energizing blend of practical strategies and sage advice from her own life and vast experience as an entrepreneur, Christine presents eleven principles for creating a life that so few people seem to enjoy these days-a life that ultimately unlocks the true potential hidden inside each and every one of us.


You will learn:

  • How to recognize and correct MISALIGNMENTS that are holding you back
  • How to trust the STIRRING in your heart for more
  • How to find INSPIRATION to move forward
  • Where to seek out PRACTICAL HELP on your life’s journey
  • How to create a PATH out of your own mess
  • Courageous strategies to LOOK WITHIN in order to do and be more
  • How to avoid the NAYSAYERS and find people who GET YOU
  • How to define your big WHY and discover your unique LEGACY

Whether you’re longing for more fulfillment in your professional or personal life, seeking to make a bigger impact on the world, or searching for the courage to pursue your dreams, Christine’s practical strategies will kick-start you on your path toward a more inspired and meaningful life. Don’t wait another minute. Take the first step…choose now to discover MORE!

“Yes! In There’s More to Life Than This, Christine Gallagher speaks with clarity, confidence and courage about why you deserve the very best in life and how to get it. If you are tired of feeling stuck and stalled AND are ready to do something significant with your time and talents, read this book. Christine will take you under her wing and lovingly let you in on her potent principles so that you too can create a more fulfilled and abundant life. Begin now!”

Jenny Fenig


“Christine’s writing is vulnerable and raw, and it’s so clear that this is what she is meant to be doing on the planet. There’s More to Life Than This is not only an action step-filled guide for living the inspired life you deserve, it’s a powerful call to arms for an entire generation of women fed up with simply following the status quo. Do yourself a big favor and dive into this book NOW.”

Fabienne Fredrickson



 “If you’d like to complete your journey to finding purpose and meaning more rapidly, pay attention to the wisdom Christine Gallagher has accumulated and now passes on to you. Like you and me, she knew there had to be more to life. Fortunately, she paid attention and we’re all the richer for her having done so.

Whatever place you find yourself in at the moment, There’s More to Life Than This will give you the building blocks you need to lay a firm foundation for a life that’s richer, fuller, more satisfying, more exciting than anything you’ve encountered before. This book could be your beacon to finding the path that’s perfect for you.”

Barbara J. Winter
Joyfully Jobless

“Our team read and discussed Christine’s book, There’s More to Life Than ThisWith each chapter we asked what can we apply to our business and we strengthened our team as we learned together. Inspired, we subsequently worked with Christine in a VIP Full Day. 

Christine really listened to our ideas and helped us identify an exciting, fresh way to build on our 15 successful years in business. She expertly guided and supported us through important organizing and structuring discussions to get to the heart of an online service delivery plan that can work with nonprofit organizations and their leaders. Working with you has been well worth the investment! Thank you Christine!”

Denice Hinden, PhD, PCC, ELI-MP

“Christine’s book is a must read for anyone who knows that they’re destined for more than the 9-5 lifestyle. She tells her story and gives awesome advice with a human touch that hits home. Here is a woman who has modeled so perfectly how to follow your instincts and hit the ground running. We should all do our best to follow her lead!”

Patti Lynn Soroka
Patti Lynn Wellness

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