In case you hadn’t heard yet, the week before last I held a complimentary webcast called “Wild About WordPress: 7 Reasons Why it’s Now Super Simple to Create Your Own Customer & Client-Attracting Website—FAST, Without HEADACHES, & for FREE!” (If you missed it, you can request the link to the audio and handout here.)

Since many of you have asked how to know for sure whether it’s time to make the switch to WordPress (or, if you’re already using it, whether it’s time to learn how to MAXIMIZE it a lot more than you have), I’ve been posting a few mini-lessons here on the blog so that you can decide for yourself.

I’m ready to share Lesson #3, but first, I have a **TIME SENSITIVE note**: TOMORROW, TUESDAY is the LAST DAY you can SAVE $50 on my 5-part webinar training course on WordPress. Ready to sign up and claim your spot? Just go here now.

Ok…now we’re ready for our final Lesson #3.

Signs your website is NOT marketing for you:

  • Your words fall flat–your copy does nothing to captivate your readers and entice them to want to work with you
  • You have no “freebie” offering enticing visitors to join your list (or worse, you’re not building a list at all)
  • You have no links to social media profiles where readers could go and strengthen the relationship with you even further
  • Your home page gives people too many options–there are so many actions to take…that they end up taking none at all

If you saw yourself in any of the points above, it’s very likely that you’re losing out on potential clients and customers when it comes to your current website.

And in just ONE day, I can turn that all around for you…

In my upcoming webinar training course on WordPress, I will walk you through, step-by-step, ALL of my best strategies, tips and how-to, so you can create your own professional-looking, easy to use website that attracts lots of new clients and customers to your business!

It’s called “Website Without Worry: Step-by-Step Strategies to Using WordPress–The Number One FREE Web Platform to Gain Clients and Customers FAST!” and it starts Tuesday, May 3. That’s only ONE day away, so grab your spot now.

Just remember to register by midnight (ET) May 3 to SAVE $50. (We are also offering a 2-pay option if it makes it easier for you!) Grab your Early Bird spot in this LIVE training course with me now.

Oh! Exciting news! We’ve added a bonus CLASS #5 to the course! Adam Haroun, web designer and branding strategist extraordinaire, will be teaching a bonus webinar for the participants ALL about website design and branding as it relates to online presence! (He did the branding and design of the website you are on right now!) Don’t miss out!

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