It’s been a while, but I’m bringing back my always popular, nearly FAMOUS, zip-zilch-ZERO COST WordPress training call!

So…read on if you’re ready to end your website angst once and for all. 😉

You know you need a website if you are going to succeed at marketing online. You may even have one already…but you’re just tired of the time, cost and aggravation associated with it.

Or, maybe you don’t even have a website or blog yet, and as every day goes by without one, you know you are wasting valuable time you could be using to market yourself and your business.

That’s why I’ve brought back this UPDATED for 2012 special HIGH-CONTENT training call…

…to share with you some of my top tips, strategies and information on how the WordPress web platform can save you time, money and frustration…so you can concentrate on what you do best–-running your business!

You’ll want to join me on this complimentary webcast where I reveal exactly how you can have this simple, zero-cost platform working for you–in no time.

“Wild About WordPress: 7 Reasons Why it’s Now Super Simple to Create Your Own Customer and Client-Attracting Website–FAST, Without HEADACHES, and for FREE!”
with Christine Gallagher
Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 8pm Eastern
Learn more and book your spot now

I created a quick video for you about it too, just click on the image below to watch it!

Or, click here to watch

I’m not going to be just sharing fluff or theory–-I’ve been using WordPress myself for over four years, have created countless sites using it and have taught many others who now have their own business sites and blogs working for them online as well.

On this special no-cost call, I will be digging out my best tips for YOU–-the small business owner or solopreneur-–on how to get maximum results in the least amount of time using this powerful tool.

During this call, I will be sharing:

* Why you don’t have to be a techie (really!) to get your site up and running in less than a day

* The one very important thing you want to be sure to look for when choosing a webhost for your WordPress site

* Why WordPress isn’t just for blogs–-and how you can easily set it up as a full-blown, simple-to-use website

* What WordPress has-–right out-of-the-box-–that means you won’t have to hire an expensive SEO firm to get your site to rank in the search engines

* Why customizing your site is a lot easier (and more fun!) than you probably think

* Why answers to (even your toughest) WordPress questions are always just a click away

* Exciting new details about the upcoming UPDATED FOR 2012 course “Website Without Worry: Step-by-Step Strategies to Using WordPress, the Number One FREE Web Platform to Gain Clients and Customers FAST”

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting your business up and running, you won’t want to miss this enlightening call.

Just go here to reserve your spot now and join us!

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